40 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

40 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

We have been doing Elf on the Shelf in our house for four years now and in that time the elf has created much mischief! I thought I’d put together all our activities in one handy post – I’ve sorted them into sections on how much effort they take to set up too, so hopefully you’ll find some ideas.

Easy To Do Elf On The Shelf Ideas

These are pretty straight forward ideas that you can put together within minutes, particularly good if you’ve forgotten and need a quick one!

Grab a pen and some bananas and you’re done
Hand your elf from a clock, or wherever you want!
Again hang your elf and leave a note and let the kids have a fun game in the morning
Really quick and easy, just shove them in the fridge!
If you’ve got a load of hair clips you’re sorted
Looks harder than it is, you just have the clean up after
Another really easy, last minute idea
Grab a nerf gun and set them to fire
Another easy one but with a message for your messy ones
Just add toilet roll
A good excuse for the elf not to have moved much is the let them have a sick day
Grab a few dolls and a book and you’re done
Just needs sticky tape
Let your elf have a wash
Stick them in the washing machine!
Set them up to game

Ideas That Take A Bit More Effort

Requires getting out some dolls and setting them up
You’ll need some sort of drink to use
Requires marshmallows
To do this I took a photo on their ipads then saved it as their background
Put sellotape over the faces and draw on a moustache
You’ll need to dig out some odd socks
Takes a bit of set up for this one
Needs a bit of effort, some foil and creativity but this was one of my favourite ones
Again you’ll need foil and a bit of time for this one
Requires fake snow or flour
A bit of time and stealth to do this one
You’ll just need to make a slice of toast for this
Takes a bit of effort to do but really fun
This one uses flour and mustard to recreate
Just takes a bit more effort to set up the zip line

These Ones Take Some Pre-Planning

I bought this bedding then had to very carefully put it on when they were sleeping. Better when they are younger.
Christmas jumpers were delivered that I’d previously bought
I had to buy the tic tacs and the kinder eggs they changed in to ready for this one
You’ll need maltesers for this one
And skittles for this one
I found Christmas toilet roll to do this one
This was a bit more elaborate as I bought mini trees and some decorations

I hope that’s given you a few elf on the shelf ideas for this December. Remember it may be an effort but it’s worth it to see their faces and keep the magic alive! If you like the elf we use it is from the Elf for Christmas shop and I can highly recommend, we’ve used ours for years!

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