Creating Digital Designs with Font Bundles

Creating Digital Designs with Font Bundles

Many of us bloggers are self-taught and easy to use design software and apps have become a staple in our working lives. Sites such as Canva and Pinterest are invaluable for creating images, headers, logos and all sorts of digital designs. Today I want to talk about Font Bundles where you can download hundreds of fonts for free, for use in your digital designs.

Font bundles have a huge range of fonts for every type of digital designs you can think of. Once you have signed up for an account you can find freebie fonts here, so if you are wanting something that stands out for a header, or maybe something more aspirational for a quote on instagram, there will be something there that is just the right fit. Not only can you create all these designs digitally, but you can also print them off for use on business cards, leaflets and posters.

There range of free fonts is vast, so you will definitely be able to find something to suit the project you are working on. Here are just a few examples:

  • script fonts
  • regular fonts
  • themed fonts
  • seasonal fonts
  • fancy fonts

Here is an example of some of their free script fonts, which would be great for headers or business cards, or possibly for some fun quote images on Instagram.

script fonts from Font Bundles

Over the years I have created many of my own digital designs including my own business cards, headers for my blog, banners for my youtube channel and Pinterest images, just to name a few. Due to this I have had to learn how to use different apps such as Canva to create these and use my own eye to decide what fonts and images work for what I need them to. Having a free font finder is a great opportunity for make the process of finding just what I need much easier and quicker, and that’s where Font Bundles comes in.

Creating My Own Digital Designs

I decided to give Font Bundles a try using the Woodstick font, to update an existing image on my CFS – getting through a bad day post. This is one of my most popular posts and whilst the existing image is ok it is a few years old so could probably do with updating. Plus this gives me an opportunity to reshare the post across all my social media channels with the new image.

Woodstick font from Font Bundles

First I signed up to Font Bundles via facebook – you can sign up using your email address however I find as I am already logged onto Facebook this is quicker for me.

sign in to Font Bundles

Next I downloaded the Woodstick font and then installed in onto my Mac – click here for the easy to follow tutorial directly from Font Bundles.

Then I uploaded the font to Canva, again following an easy to follow tutorial – note you do need Canva Pro account or higher to enable you to do this. I created my digital design, selected the Woodstick font I’d uploaded and added my wording to my design. I decided to also use a script font from Canva to give some contrast, as I find this to be more appealing to the eye.

Once this was done I saved it then uploaded it to my blog page.

Designing image on canva

I’m really pleased with how the final digital image came out, and it’s great to have something that other Canva users will not have, as you can often find many images such as those on Pinterest can look similar due to multiple people using the same app. I can now share this across my social media accounts and also have it saved in Canva as one of my brand fonts so I can use it easily in the future.

I found the Font Bundles website really easy to navigate and it was a lot of fun to have an hour to myself to do something creative. I would love to spend a bit longer and have a go at updating more of my blog images as my blog is definitely due an overhaul, however like anything it all takes time. There are some really lovely script fonts on the site that would make some beautiful graphics for Instagram too. If you are looking for something unique and different I’d definitely recommend trying Font Bundles.

For more on me you can visit my instagram page where I create creative and lifestyle content, or also my facebook or find what I pin on Pinterest.

*This is a featured post however all opinions are my own.

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