Blogtober 2020

Blogtober 2020

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I’ve been blogging here for nearly ten years now and in that time so much has changed – in particular how us bloggers use social media. Back in the day, Twitter was our go to and we would spend hours each night genunely chatting to each other, becoming friends and also growing our blog. I knew so many bloggers and it was an honest and raw place to be.

Over the years with the growth of facebook and new social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok the way we ineract has changed massively. I have to say nowadays I don’t speak to bloggers anywhere near as much as I used to and the way we share our posts has changed from real to curated feeds. Not to say this is all bad, but it is certainly different and I often feel very out of the loop.

This is one of the reasons I decided to take on this monthly blogging challenge called Blogtober – where we share a blog post every day in October. This blog has definitely taken a backseat over the years and it makes me sad and I loved it so much and it holds so many memories from my children being younger.

For anyone not familiar with me and my blog, my name is Lisa, I’m a 30-something mum living in the north of England with my husband and two children – Holly (who the blog is named after) and Jack. They are both now in primary school and have certainly grown since the start of the blog when they were babies. My blog originally covered family life, specifically being a mum to two childen with an 18 month age gap. Over the years it has adapted as our life has and more recently covered my Chronic Fatigue journey, mental health story as well as family travel and lifestyle. To be honest I can be found on Instagram most days and have recently fallen in love with making Reels on there, which I will talk more about over this month.

So that’s it for now, I hope this blogging challenge sees me fall in love with blogging once more and maybe figure out what direction I want this all to take. For now you can see more Blogtober posts over at Big Family Organised Chaos Blog.

10 thoughts on “Blogtober 2020

  1. Welcome to Blogtober20! So glad you are joining us, I have missed reading your posts, the children have certainly grown! I do agree that blogging has changed lots since the ‘olden days’ I think this is why I enjoy Blogtober as its a chance to comment and catch up with each other. looking forward to reading more during the month.

  2. Yes, blogging has certainly changed a lot over the years and to be honest I for one don’t like it. That’s probably because I can’t use Instagram, as I am blind and for this reason cannot really do photos much. Thankfully, the predictions that blogging would die, haven’t come true.

    Thanks for introducing yourself. I look forward to reading more of you.

    1. Yes I’m glad the predictions weren’t true as well. I know Instagram is trying to be more accessible but it’s very slow to happen. Thanks for commenting.

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