Ten Positives As A Parent In Lockdown

Ten Positives As A Parent In Lockdown

The 2020 Lockdown has been a period of time never before experienced. As a parent during lockdown I have faced my own challenges throughout the last few months, so I thought today I would talk about the positives from our time together.

1. Spending more time with the children

Having the children at home 24 hours a day every day of the week during lockdown inevitably has meant we spend more time together, but I also mean quality time. We have done various projects together including a VE Day picnic, making a volcano and creating journals. The kids have enjoyed more board games and film nights with us, built dens and done more baking than I care to admit although Holly would probably have done even more. When we look back on lockdown I’m sure we will remember all that family time spent together and I hope we see it as a time we got closer as a family.

lockdown family activities

2. Getting to raise our puppy

We got Alfie, our Dachshund/Jack Russell puppy about two weeks before the country was locked down. Because of this it has meant we have had so much time to work on his training and getting him toilet trained. Of course, he still has accidents and is by no means a perfectly trained pooch, but I think it has been great for him to spend so much time with us at an age when puppies need lots of attention.

dapple dachshund puppy

3. Making the most of the warm weather

Thank goodness for the sun over March, April, May and June! I dread to think how we would have coped if we’d have had to stay indoors the whole of lockdown. The sun has enabled us all to get outside and enjoy fresh air, spend time in the garden, go on walks, teach Jack how to ride his bike, get the paddling pool out. If we had been on top of one another stuck indoors the entire lockdown it would have been a huge strain I’m sure.

boy playing in river

4. Appreciating seeing people

Now things are easing off we are so grateful to start seeing family and friends and it has really highlighted to me how important our social interactions are. I spend a lot of time at home on my own, resting, sleeping and trying not to overdo things so being able to see friends is vital to me to get some adult interaction.

5. Enjoying Zoom gaming

We play Dungeons and Dragons regularly with our friends and it is the highlight of the week – they come over, we have some drinks and food and have such a good time. Thank goodness for Zoom that we have been able to continue this from our homes, it has really broken up the weeks and given us something to look forward to.

playing dungeons and dragon on zoom online

6. The children becoming more independent

Because I have been spending more time in bed and John has been working the full time, the children have had to do some things without us. They were pretty good anyway at getting breakfast themselves, but over the last few months they are much more independent at getting food and drink themselves, and being aware of when its time to get dressed and brush their teeth etc.

7. Binge watching TV series

If there’s one thing lockdown has provided is the time to watch those TV series I never got round to – I’ve caught up on Real Housewives, started Vampire Diaries, found a love for Below Deck as well as dipping in and out of various other shows I’d never watched before. And of course I don’t really need to mention Tiger King to us all!

8. Valuing what we have

It definitely hit home much more how lucky we are in our situation – we have a lovely home, a garden, and we have each other. I’ve seen those who live on their own and how difficult that must have been, and for those who don’t even have a roof over their heads I cannot imagine how difficult the recent months must have been. It makes me step back and be thankful for everything we are fortunate enough to have around us.

9. Appreciating where we live

Again, this time has made me reflect on the things around us and that includes the area we live. Whilst we are only a short distance from Manchester and Liverpool cities and close to various motorways, we also live in quite a rural place where there are a huge selection of local areas to enjoy. It has meant our walks are varied and picturesque and has enabled to get out as much as we needed to.

ten positives from lockdown as a parent

10. Looking forward to a return to normal

I think before lockdown most of us can say we didn’t always appreciate our lives – being able to meet friends for lunch, have grandparents babysit, catch the bus into town, travel abroad. I am so looking forward to life slowly returning back to the way it was and doing the things we have always taken for granted.

child in dog crate funny

What positives have you found as a parent during lockdown? Let me know.

Family doorstep photo during lockdown

2 thoughts on “Ten Positives As A Parent In Lockdown

  1. I like the little Hollybobb smiling in the cage, I think he needs a larger one! The lock down made people think a whole lot more and seriously too. Like you, I am so much more appreciative of my life and what I have, the family doggies included, learnt to cook canned sardines in a 100 different ways when we were in TOTAL lock down!! OK maybe in 6 different ways but eating them with a smile cos we still had food!

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