Vlogging & You: Editing Your First Video

Vlogging & You: Editing Your First Video

Once you’ve filmed your first video now comes the possibly daunting task of editing. If you’ve never used editing software before it can be a bit overwhelming at first but trust me when I sat it is easy once you get going. If you have Windows you should have Movie Maker free already and for Mac users it will be iMovie. Both are pretty straightforward and I’m sharing my advice to get you going.

Watch other videos. Get an idea of how to put a story together and how long your shots should be. Even taking note whilst you’re watching TV shows on shots and angels they use and transitions can give you ideas for your own videos.

Don’t use long pieces of footage in one go. 3 – 5 seconds at most otherwise it drags. Try and edit your video as though you are an outsider, and not attached to the footage. As much as you will love to watch your child running down the beach, a viewer will soon get bored and click off. Make it more interesting by interspersing different angles and activties in between to keep your viewer on their toes.

Clip out unnecessary footage: things such as ums and errs can be cut out as much as you can and that bit where you’ve just turned the camera on and sat down in front of it needs to go – cut it to when you begin talking. Also if you tend to waffle on it’s ok to cut some of that out. Again try and be an outsider and think about what your audience will find interesting and what’s only interesting to you.

Use simple transitions between shots, or sometimes no transition at all.

Be careful using copyrighted music. I’ll be doing another post all about music later on, but your video will be restricted if you use copyrighted music so for now try free sites such as freemusicarchive.org or youtube’s audio library.

Try and keep your video to a set length. The recommended length on youtube is between three to five minutes, however any vloggers film much longer videos – up to thirty minutes – and it really is up to you to decide what style you prefer.

Add an intro and an outro so the film opens and closes smoothly. A simple text outro saying ‘thank you for watching’ is all you need and for your intro a shot to camera explain what the video will be about lets your audience know whats going on without been thrown straight into the action.

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