Review: Comfortable Footwear for Travelling With Hotter Shoes

Review: Comfortable Footwear for Travelling With Hotter Shoes

We’ve all done it before – bought beautiful new shoes for our holiday only to wear them once and our feet be ripped to pieces. Hard plastic, rough leather, painful heels – you name it, I’ve been there. However thanks to Hotter Shoes‘ Tourist sandals, this Summer my feet were given a reprieve from the pain. Read on to find out why!

This July we spent two beautiful weeks in Mexico, a destination I’ve always wanted to visit. I did the usual holiday shopping, which included new sandals. I bought some flip flops, evening shoes and sliders with the thought that I didn’t want to wear heels whilst away and I wanted my feet to be comfortable. I also took my new Hotter Tourist sandals with me, with a glorious cow print design, as I knew from previous experience that they would be extremely comfortable. I didn’t wear the Hotter sandals right away, instead opting for some new rainbow sliders. We went for a walk around the site on our first full day, which was probably an hour of casual strolling. After about an hour and a half my dogs were absolutely barking. Both sides of the top of the sliders had ripped into me, causing painful sores. It was safe to say those shoes were resigned to the back of the wardrobe!

That evening I wore a pretty pair of bejewelled flip flops, conscious of my new injuries and hoping the different design would ensure these new shoes avoided my current scars. However these then rubbed between my toes and under my paws causing even more pain! I honestly couldn’t believe it!

My problem was that we spent every day in the pool, so over the two weeks, much of spent being wet, my hooves barely had chance to heel, and so every pair of shoes I wore from then on absolutely killed. That’s where Hotter came in!

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to slide my poor, battered tootsies into what felt like the softest shoes known to man. The soles of Hotter shoes are cushioned which makes you feel like you are walking on air and because they only use the finest leather in their footwear they are flexible and move with the contours of your feet. From that moment on those blessed sandals hardly left my side. I wore them through the day, whether just walking to the pool or if we went off site for a trip, I wore them on an evening as they were stylish enough to be dressed up and I even wore them in water as even my water shoes hurt, and they’re still in great condition!

Gradually by the second week my wounds were starting to heal, but I continued to wear my Hotter Tourist sandals most days, and now we have returned home they are still a go-to piece of footwear when I want my trotters to be comfortable. So, if you are looking for a snazzy sandal that would make sure your peepers are kept in pristine condition I’d definitely urge you to head straight to Hotter, you can thank me later.

PS How many different words for feet can you fit in one blog post?

*I was sent these shoes FOC in return for my review, however I can tell you it is completely honest!

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