Planning A Tween Bedroom

Planning A Tween Bedroom

Around six months ago Mr H decided, on the spur of the moment, to move Holly from one of the smaller bedrooms in our house to what was the main bedroom until we completed our loft conversion. In one fell swoop he created several weeks of chaos, which resulted in a massive coup for Holly as she has a huge room complete with en-suite. Of course this now means that both rooms need redecorating, a task that is often put off in our house as Mr H absolutely hates any form of DIY.

However it’s been quite a while since the big move and every time I go in Holly’s room all I can see is holes in the walls, mismatched colour schemes and remnants of when it was our bedroom and then the spare bedroom, all mixed in with an eight year old’s bits and pieces. It’s definitely time to get it sorted.

With that in mind I have put together, along with Holly’s input, some ideas for decor and furniture that she would need for her new bedroom.

The Colours

I saw this unicorn decal a while ago and thought it would be a great addition to the room that’s easy to apply and remove when she no longer wants it. Holly loves unicorns and the pinks, lilacs and grey in this image are the perfect tones for the room.

I really fancy something slightly different and I really like the idea of painting a diagonal on one wall with the grey and pink and then maybe adding some spot decals like in this image.

I really love this space for doing homework, being creative and inspiring a young mind.

The Furniture

Holly already has a single bed and I think for now we will leave it like that, as it means she has space to be in her bedroom playing or crafting, and when she has friends to stay they all love to camp out on the floor. One thing she does need, though, is a desk. Somewhere she can do her homework in peace and store her huge collection of stationery she loves to pick up on every outing. Lionshome have a great selection of desks, and this one in particular caught my eye as its a bit different but also has some storage with it.

The Finishing Touches

Of course every girls’ bedroom needs the little flourishes that finish it all off and I’ve found a few pieces on Etsy that will add that fairytale feel to the room.

What do you think? I’m pretty pleased with all the pieces so we will see how it comes together in the next few weeks. If you’d like to see more inspiration you can head to my Tween Pinterest Board.

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