Review: L.O.L. Surprise HairGoals

Review: L.O.L. Surprise HairGoals

At age seven, Holly isn’t a girl that particularly sits down with dolls or Barbies and will play endlessly, she tends to flit from one activity to another and can end up with every toy she owns out in a short period of time. However one toy she does go back to time and time again are her L.O.L. dolls. She was a fan from the day they came out and loves the collectible concept where she can unpackage each layer, enjoying revealing the surprises as she goes along. On top of several dolls we now have the pop up store where she can play with her dolls but also store everything that comes with them. L.O.L. have recently released their latest addition to the doll line – the L.O.L. Hairgoals dolls, so when we offered some to try I thought they would make great additions to our existing sets.

a girl holding the new l.o.l. doll hairgoals

The L.O.L. HairGoals dolls are the same as the existing dolls – they come with an outfit and accessories and you unwrap them just as you did before, however the exciting new feature is they come with real hair!

new l.o.l. doll hairgoals in it's capsule

There are ten dolls to collect in the new series and each one comes with fifteen surprises, not to mention the packaging which turns into a capsule with salon chair, display case and stand. The dolls also have water surprises which include crying and going to the toilet.

new l.o.l. doll hairgoals with accessories Yung QT
new l.o.l. doll hairgoals Darling Diva

Of course Holly was thrilled to receive the dolls and after a bit of debating with Jack they decided they could open one each but Holly would keep the dolls as Jack probably wouldn’t play with them! The joys of siblings! The layers were easy to unwrap and when they had finished peeling them off we got down to the capsule, which was is a great feature as it has little doors that open out to display your L.O.L. HairGoals doll, but it also comes with a chain to turn it into a bag to carry your doll around.

new l.o.l. doll hairgoals Darling Diva capsule

Holly was so excited to see the hair feature and immediately started brushing and playing with the black and white hairstyle of the doll she opened.

new l.o.l. doll hairgoals Yung QT

I think these are a fantastic addition to the existing L.O.L. doll range and add an extra dimension to play. These collectible style toys are so popular right now and don’t seem to be going anywhere and I think these are a great type of collectible as they aren’t too small for little hands and have lots of elements to them to be played with. I especially like that the clothes and accessories can be interchanged, much like a Barbie doll, so children can experiment with the looks and styles of the dolls too.

new l.o.l. doll hairgoals

The L.O.L. Hairgoals dolls retail at £14.99, which is on the lower end of the dolls you can buy, so a nice price point as a bit of a treat. They come with lots of accessories and offer lots of fun play time, especially with the added hair feature. They will definitely be a great addition to your little ones’ L.O.L. collection. You can find more of our reviews here.

*We were sent these toys FOC however all opinions are my own.

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