Review: Treetop Trek & Nets In Manchester

Review: Treetop Trek & Nets In Manchester

Getting out and about with the kids at this time of year is not the easiest thing – the weather is unreliable, it’s muddy and cold and finding things outdoors to do that won’t result in complaining after a few minutes can be a challenge. When we were invited to try Treetop Trek & Nets in Manchester, I thought it would definitely be something different to do and I was intrigued to see what the kids would make of it.

Treetop Trek is based at Heaton Park in Bolton and is relatively new to the area. It features two treks – a one hour Mini Trek and two hour Zip Trek as well as the Nets which includes giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels all suspended 40ft off the ground. We were trying out the Mini Trek as that is aimed at younger and first time children, where the Zip Trek is for over seven’s. Also the longer trek is a lot higher off the ground probably wasn’t suitable for us when were doing it for the first time.

We went on the trek first and the instructor set us all up with harnesses and safety equipment before running through the safety brief and instructions. Jack was raring to go, whereas Holly was a bit more reluctant but after the 30 minute briefing we were let loose on the course. The instructor stayed with us the entire time and guided us around, which we definitely needed with the children as once we got up there we weren’t so sure ourselves!

It turned out that after being so confident, Jack freaked out after getting stuck on one of the zip lines and the instructor flew around the course to him, quickly sorting him out and reassuring him. It made me feel a lot better knowing there was someone with us who knew what he was doing and ensured we all stayed safe.

I was really pleased to see the children challenging themselves and despite a few tears and uncertainty we all got around the course and completed the final zip line with flying colours.

After the trek it was our turn to go on the treetop nets, however Holly was full of a cold and decided she’d had enough of being outside so Jack and daddy went on these without us. They absolutely loved these and Jack flew around them with gusto, running, jumping, climbing and sliding everywhere. You are provided with sacks for the slides so you don’t get rope burn and the whole area is supervised from the ground so if there any problems there is someone on hand to help.

The session on the nets is for two hours and this seemed quite a lot – Jack and John were on for just under an hour and were completely bounced out by that point. The nets are open for children aged three and up and children over seven can go on unsupervised.

We had an absolutely fabulous experience on the Treektop Nets & Trek and I’d definitely recommend it, despite the odd tear on the trek the children absolutely loved it and it was a great way to get them outdoors. Plus as the experience is situated in Heaton Park there are loads of things to do once you’ve finished. My only comment would be on the price as it is £20 for children and adults aged 5+ for the nets and £20 for the trek, meaning to do it all is £40 each for a three hours experience, which seems quite a lot to me. However if you are looking for a day out in the North West that is a bit different I’d definitely suggest giving Treetop Trek a try.

*We were provided with entry FOC however all opinions are my own.

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