Tips For Cleaning Your Floors From Mrs Hinch

Tips For Cleaning Your Floors From Mrs Hinch

Many of us will be aware of the Instagram sensation that is Mrs Hinch – having grown from just a few thousand to over a million in a few short months, her cleaning advice has helped people all over the country, if not the world, manage their household chores in small manageable bites and even motivated those who have been struggling to keep on top of things. Today I thought I’d pull together some of her cleaning advice for the floors in your home. There may be some affiliate links in this post for your convenience.

Elbow Grease Spray

I only discovered Elbow Grease via Mrs Hinch but when I’ve spoken to friends they’ve been using it for years! Since I used it I can’t believe the stuff it can get out. Holly has spilt slime on her carpet (hate the stuff!) and Elbow Grease actually gets it out, which is pretty impressive. You can also use it on laminate flooring to get out really stuck on marks.

1001 Spray

Every night Mrs Hinch sprays round her downstairs rooms meaning they are lovely and fresh on a morning. One of her top tips is to use 1001 carpet spray on all your carpets just before you go up to bed, leaving them smelling gorgeous for the next day.

Bathroom and Kitchen Floors

For your floors that get a lot of hammering, Mrs Hinch uses Cif floor wipes and a kneeling mat to get right into the corners and cracks to give them a good clean.


These are floor polishing shoes, which look a bit crazy but are super useful and convenient. Save your back by donning these bad boys and polish your laminate flooring as you walk.

Squeegee For Stairs

A lot of us use these for cleaning our bathrooms shower doors, but did you know you can use them on carpet too? They are fantastic for running over your stairs once you have vacuumed to grab those extra hair and bits that the vac hasn’t quite picked up.

Clean Your Rug

Using Ariel Gel cold wash and fabric softener in a bowl of cold water, you can clean so much dirt from your rugs. All you need to do is rub the rug with white a dishcloth, working in small sections then brush with scrubbing brush dipped in the solution to finish it off and make it nice and fluffy again.

Here are some of the other tools Mrs Hinch uses to get her floors nice and clean:

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