An Eighth Birthday Party

An Eighth Birthday Party

The week before Christmas was Holly’s eighth birthday. This year she opted for a karaoke party and a minibus parked itself on our drive for two hours whilst the children sang their hearts out to the likes of Little Mix and Greatest Showman, much to the delight of our neighbours I’m sure!

I thought seven years old seemed like a big milestone but eight is just another step towards high school. This year Holly moved up to key stage two at primary school and is doing really well. She has a natural ability for academics and her favourite subjects are maths, as it always has been, but this year she has started Spanish lessons and it loving it, often coming home telling me what she has learnt. She is settled well in school now and whilst she doesn’t have one best friend in particular, she moves around group to group and is friends with most of the children in her class. It really is a lovely class she is in and all the children get on really well, which I am pleased about.

At home she is gradually getting more independent from me and seems more confident doing things on her own. Bedtimes have settled down a lot more and I don’t need to go up and down the stairs as much as I did only a couple of months ago. She got an Echo Dot for Christmas and loves listening to it whilst she plays or draws upstairs. She isn’t always best at entertaining herself, though, and if Jack’s not around she’s easily bored.

Just like her auntie, she is daft as a brush at times. She will come upstairs to me if I’m having a rest and recite silly rhymes or just giggle, and with her infectious laugh she soon has me in stitches. She has just started gymnastics and loved it – she is always doing cartwheels and the like at home, much to Jack’s dismay as she kicked him in the face on Boxing Day. I’m hoping this is something she will finally stick to as Brownies, dancing and football soon went out of the window.

She makes us laugh and wows is with her abilities and I look forward to watching her grow, if not slightly dubious about the little madam that is slowly emerging. Happy birthday baby girl, we love you lots!

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