How to Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Contract

How to Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Contract

Having a workable plan when it comes to mobile phone contracts ensures you have your expenditure in check. Phone companies are notorious for being sneaky when it comes to monthly charges and EE have just paid a huge fine after continuing to charge customers the same monthly fee longer after their contract has ended! That basically means thousands of people have paid for their smartphone many times over. Don’t get caught out, here are ways that help you save on mobile contracts.

How to Save On Your Mobile Phone Contract

  1. Once your contract ends, switch to SIM only immediately (either with your existing network or move). 
  2. If you want a new smartphone save up and buy it outright, don’t take out a contract. 
  3. If you want to stay with your existing network negotiate with them to get a better deal and work hard to keep your business. 
  4. Consider using a pay as you go sim with a pre-paid bundle for ultimate flexibility.

1. Switch to SIM-Only Contract

SIM-only contracts ensure you only pay for what you want to use. With fixed amounts of calls, data, and texts, you’ll have your spending in check. When your mobile contract ends, you can opt to SIM-only and have control over your expenditure. This way, you can find affordable packages that allow you to only pay for what you need. SIM-only contracts also allow you to keep using your phone even after your mobile contract ends. Many SIM-only contracts are 30 day deals that give you the flexibility to try out different packages with no contract. This way, you won’t be tied down to one package that does not serve you as you want.

2. Check Your Usage

Monitoring usage is another way of ensuring you don’t overpay for your mobile phone contract. You can end up paying for things you will never use when taking out a phone contract. The right mobile contract gives you the right amount of data, texts and minutes so that you don’t have to make extra purchases each month and buy expensive add-ons or bolt ons. You can look at previous bills or use a site like Bill Monitor to analyse your bill.

3. Avoid Premium Rate Calls

When you make calls to 0845 numbers, you are likely to incur more call charges. Luckily there are some apps like weq4u that help you convert 0845 numbers to (01/02) numbers. If you don’t have a smartphone then there are also web-based sites with a database of alternative numbers to call when you need to.

4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or switch networks

As mentioned, when your contract ends you should switch to a sim only deal. You have two choices for this: stick with your existing network or move to a new one. The first step is to use a comparison site and make a note of what deals you can get that fit your requirements. The second is to hop on live chat or ring your network and see what the best deal your network can offer you. Before you say you have found cheaper elsewhere, see what they come back with. It’s never going to be as good, so then you can see if they can get anywhere close to the new customer deals you have found elsewhere. If they can’t match it, then vote with your feet and move. It’s easy to move to a new network as you just don’t a need PAC code. Remember to check the network has good coverage in your area before you move though!

5. Considering Going Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Pay as you go deals used to mean buying a top up voucher and each minute, text or megabyte was deducted from your balance. You can still do this, but now most networks offer what are known are pre-paid bundles that expire after 30 days and give you a set allowance, much like a SIM only contract. This is especially suitable for light users as it saves from being tied in. PAYG means you won’t ever deal with unexpected bills as the only money you’ll be spending is spent up front. These deals aren’t as heavily advertised as contract phones but the most popular is giffgaff that has what is called a goodybag system. Other networks call them various different things such as Flex plans and I found this blog post that gives a good review as to how each network’s pay as you go offering differs and some recommendations.

When you know what your communication needs are, you are able to make decisions that ensure you don’t overpay for your mobile phone contract.

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