Gift Guide: Kids Books For Christmas

Gift Guide: Kids Books For Christmas

I am a huge book lover and always have been, and I encourage my children to read as much as I can. Neither of the children seem to be natural bookworms, which has surprised me, but they do love listening to stories each night. I thought this year I would put together a few of our favourites, as well as a few ideas to get those children who are not natural readers enjoying reading without realising they are. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Jack absolutely adores this book – of course he does, it talks about poop! Both my children laugh out loud as the dinosaur eats everything around it and then poops it all back out again and it’s definitely a favourite in our house. There are a few additions to this series, and we have recently read the Dinosaur that Poops Christmas, which also got a few laughs, so I’d definitely recommend this one to an early reader who you want to encourage reading to.

Santa Goes On Strike is a new addition to our collection this Christmas – a tale about how Santa gets fed up with people being so greedy and ungrateful at this time of year so he goes on strike. This books teaches children how important it is to be with family and friends and not just receiving gifts. Fortunately it has a happy ending and Santa does deliver the gifts in the end – to much more grateful recipients!

Any Roald Dahl book is a hit with me and fortunately my children seem to agree. This one was one of my favourite as a child and my two really enjoyed my telling of it too. Whilst they’re not quite at the stage where they can read a book this long on their own, although Holly at seven is getting there, they absolutely loved listening to the story and I loved telling it.

Jack absolutely loves playing on the PlayStation so as a reluctant reader, these would be a great idea for him. Whilst he’s not yet allowed on Fortnight, he does occasionally play on Roblox on the iPad and I’m sure opening this on Christmas Day would go down a storm.

These books are such a lovely alternative for the more creative children, to get them reading whilst they are making. Putting to use things you would normally throw away, such as toilet rolls and cereal boxes, these are full of different activities for children to make which will keep them occupied for hours, as well as teaching them the benefits of recycling.

Another favourite for the early reader is Caryl Hart’s serious featuring a little boy called Albie. There are a few in this series, we particularly love How To Save A Superhero as Jack went through a stage of wanting to be a superhero. It’s a lovely story with some fun characters and is often chosen at bedtime by my little man.

The Wannabees are a serious of books which encourage role play and teach children the basics of whichever career they feature. I am really looking forward to giving this to Holly as she actually said recently she wants to be a cafe owner, so with this she will get a god idea of what that involves. This book includes an order pad, menus, recipes, stickers, and other basic necessities to complete the experience of being a cafe owner.

I am really intrigued by these books that introduce STEM activities to children. They are a little bit on the older side for my two, there are some activities which they can take from them and try. These books are filled with puzzles and activities relating to their topic as well as demonstrations and experiments for your child to try themselves.

A book Holly goes back to time and time again is actually by the actress Isla Fisher. My mum bought her it last year and I’ve seen her pick up on many occasions. It’s the story of a mischievous babysitter, Marge, who loves the bend the rules – but will the children get all their jobs done with all the fun they are having? This book is not as thick as many at this stage, so not too daunting and is a relatively easy read.

I’ve already mentioned Roald Dahl above, but this book had to be featured – The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl is a huge book full of unpublished reproductions of imagined letters, artifacts and posters, bringing together his character and Blake’s illustrations in a creative way. It would make the perfect finishing touch to your Roald Dahl collection.

This lovely book is a tale about Wayne Dear and the O’Dear’s and is a heartwarming story about a little deer who isn’t very confident but tries his best to help Santa this Christmas. It teaches children about the importance of perseverance and determination, even if you aren’t as confident – can Wayne deliver the forgotten gift before Christmas? You can buy your own copy from Sophie Morrell.

I couldn’t write about children’s book without mentioning the fabulous Dr Seuss. This is an author I never came across as a child myself but once I’d read The Lorax to my children I was hooked. We now have a huge collection of these wonderful books and I highly recommend them to any child, or even adult, for a fantastical, lymerical read.

*I have been sent some of these books for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.

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