How to Drive Safely in London’s Fog With the Right Tyres

How to Drive Safely in London’s Fog With the Right Tyres

The capital city has some tricky roads to drive around on – even if you have the benefit of being able to avoid them in the rush hour. In the morning one, especially, road conditions can be made even worse by fog which sometimes hangs over great swathes of London. Of course, in foggy conditions, it is harder to see exactly where you are going and you may hit things in the road which damage your car’s tyres, such as debris from spilt lorry loads, drain covers or potholes. In addition, fog means that you often get overly cautious drivers on the road ahead which sometimes mean you need to brake hard or even swerve to avoid.

All of the extra wear and tear that affects your car’s tyres means that Londoners need to make sure that theirs are in good condition in the first place. For instance, you should ask yourself when the last time was that you checked your tread depth. You can do so with a twenty pence coin. Just insert one into the tread and if the rim disappears from view, then you have enough tread. If your coin’s rim only just gets covered, then you should consider buying new tyres immediately to help you brake properly and to maintain better traction. You can find your cheap car tyres in areas all over London at DAT Tyres where they will be fitted for you by experts.

Another important thing to do is to make sure your tyres are compatible with one another as well as your spare if you go on to have a problem. Car tyres don’t need to all match or be made from the same tyre manufacturer but they should be compatible with your car’s model so confirm this, especially if you bought your car second-hand and have never had your tyres exchanged.

Another important thing to do is to drive more steadily in fog. Avoid accelerating hard to the car in front only to hit the brakes. A smoother movement will help to preserve the life of your tyres and it will also mean you spot potential hazards in foggy weather more easily.

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