Review: AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Review: AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I swear by our Dyson vacuum cleaner, we’ve had it for years and as we have pets it is brilliant for getting up all those hairs that stick down into the carpets and refuse to budge. However after trying out a cordless vac last year we were won over by the idea of not having to deal with wires and cords but also that quick jobs are so much easier to tackle without having to untangle the wire and find a free plug.

When our last cordless vacuum cleaner stopped charging up I was so grateful to be offered a new one via and we were sent the AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. According to the information, it holds 35 minutes of charge and has 0.5 litre capacity, so you can give any room a quick clean in one charge. It’s low maintenance too, as its intelligent Brushrollclean™ technology cuts off tangled hair and fibres from the bristles, so there’s no need to pull them out yourself. This is a huge plus for me as I am constantly having to cut out hair from our Dyson! The biggest attraction for me, though, is that it has headlights to highlight darker spots and make sure you get all the bits picked up.

The first thing I noticed about this vac is how light it is – at only 2.5kg it is so easy to manoeuvre and because the head of it swivels 180° you can fit it into all sorts of spaces. My stairs are on a twist so are a really awkward shape for big heavy vacuums, so this did the job really well and was lightweight too.

The vacuum cleaner is in two parts – the upright part, which then has a detachable handheld vac. The upright part is free standing, but can also be stood on the charging port, which is really handy for storing. The handheld will come in handy so many times, for example in the car or to do the skirting boards. This also has a light on it, which can help you see better in darker spaces.

Of course the biggest test is, does it actually do the job? I haven’t done a full room with it yet, but I did my stairs in about ten minutes and the amount of stuff it picked up was shocking, so it seems to have good suction on it.

The vac wasn’t noisy at all, probably one of the quietest I’ve come across, and the dirt chamber was really easy to empty, you just press a couple of buttons. Now to see if it can pick up the toys the kids leave all over the place!

This vac retails for £169 at, head to their website for more information.

*We were sent this product FOC however all opinions are my own.

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