Dunfermline’s Tyre and Driving Checklist

Dunfermline’s Tyre and Driving Checklist

Dunfermline may be a great place to live and work but its roads can be a hassle to drive about on. The A823 is frequently congested, for example with southbound traffic queueing for the M90 and the Queensferry Crossing Bridge beyond. There again, Queen Anne Street in the vicinity of the bus station in the town is another hotspot for congestion. At times, the A994 beyond Pittencrieff also gets clogged up, too. Although problems of traffic congestion are not unique to Dunfermline, there are some issues which make it a particular problem in the town, for example, when the Fife Farmer’s Market is held each month.

With a mixture of busy town centre streets, supposedly fast-moving trunk roads and a network of often poorly maintained rural lanes, Dunfermline’s drivers see it all. That’s why you should have a checklist for your car’s tyres. Without a good set of tyres on your car, you are more susceptible to the major problems which means you either need to hobble onto a garage or try to change your wheel on a potentially busy street. To avoid such undesirable outcomes, consider the following steps to make sure your tyres are in good condition.

Confirming your tyre tread depth is essential if you want to survive Dunfermline’s roads. You need good tread depth to maintain proper traction and to be able to stop quickly if the traffic flow seizes up ahead of you. A simple gauge is all that is needed to tell whether your tyres have enough tread to cut through rain and snow and to provide you with adequate grip. If they don’t, then you should order new ones. You can find tyres in different parts of Dunfermline with just a few clicks on the website of Point S. Order the ones you want and have them ready to be fitted when you are ready.

Another good thing to check frequently is the air pressure of each tyre. Too few Scottish drivers do this as often as they really should. Both over and under-inflated tyres lead to a loss of proper grip and you can easily spin off if you steer too hard to swerve around something in the road if they are not pumped up correctly. Given the number of potholes in the vicinity of Dunfermline, you really ought to take this advice seriously!

Whether you are from Pitcorthie, in the south, or Headwell, in the north, checking for debris in your tyres is also well worth it. Sharp twigs and brambles, as well as things like nails and screws, can work their way into tyres, slowing causing them to degrade. Modern tyres are capable of withstanding such abuse – up to a point. You might think your tyres are okay even if they have not been running with a slow puncture to alert you to the issue, but items sticking into them picked up from the road can definitely spell trouble down the line. A simple visual inspection is all that is needed to spot potential trouble.

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