Here’s Why You May Want To Choose Costa Rica For Your Next Vacation

Here’s Why You May Want To Choose Costa Rica For Your Next Vacation

Costa Rica is one of those locations you know you are going to love but you do not really know why. There is an aura of mysticism around it. This is a really popular travel destination that is often listed as being the best according to some categories. You see pictures online of how beautiful a Costa Rica private villa can be and the beaches are always amazing. It is normal to be drawn in but why do people really want to visit Costa Rica? Check out the main reasons below. 


Are you someone that loves adventure or just a thrill-seeker? If so, Costa Rica is a travel destination you need to consider as a perfect place. We are referring to a country that is renowned for kayaking, cliff diving, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, sky diving, zip-lining tours and many other activities that are perfect for adrenaline-pumping. 


Costa Rica is currently ranked as one of the best surfing destinations in the entire world. You can experience warm water every single day of the year, which can be counterintuitive. During the rainy season you want to hang at around 10 because this is not at all crowded. When you are new to surfing, various surf schools can be contacted. 


Just Google for the very best beaches in Costa Rica and you will quickly figure out the fact that they are stunning. They are perfect in the event you need a break from all the adventure. There are over 1,000 miles of stunning coastline you can enjoy. As a tip you may want to remember, be sure that you visit between the months of April and November. This is because that is when there is a lot of sun present and the rainy season is avoided. 

The Food

The cuisine of Costa Rica is simply delicious. Also, this is a country that is a huge coffee grower, together with plantations of chocolate and bananas. In the event that you will visit Quepos, do take a tour of one of the Vanilla farms there. This will show you how the locals are making cinnamon, vanilla and pepper, among many other things. 

One thing that many do not know is that Costa Rica is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the entire world. The locals often talk about living a pure life. This is a motto that is going to be felt as soon as you end up there. People are warm. They welcome tourists with smiles. This is not as common as it should be. 

The Animals

In Costa Rica you can find so many wonderful cheeky monkeys that are going to want to steal food. Be sure you keep an eye on the plate. In the event there are no monkeys that want to steal your food, you might end up seeing some cheeky raccoons. Costa Rica’s wildlife is incredible, filled with geckos, iguanas and lizards, together with so many stunning bird watching spots you can visit. In fact, there are over 800 bird species that you can see in Costa Rica. 
Special mention needs to be put on the sloths. These slow mammals are so cuddly and you can see them all around Costa Rica. Just take a look up the trees when you drive around or as you hike the jungle. 


Around 25 percent of the country is made out of rainforests and national parks that are not protected. These natural environments hold around 5 percent of the biodiversity present in the entire world. 


Costa Rica features many different volcanoes, with this country having soil that is quite fertile and rich. This is why everything seems to be growing well in the country. Volcanoes surrounding different areas are very popular for camping, mountain biking and hiking. 


Across the country you can see so many different eco-friendly lodges and hotels, together with tour operators that try to have a really low impact on the environment. We are faced with a setting that is really close to reaching full sustainability. Visiting means that you chose a travel destination that works really hard to protect the environment. 

Extra Tips To Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation

If you decide to visit Costa Rica, you made a really good choice. There is no way to deny this. However, this does not mean that you can simply choose the very first travel package that you find online. Do go through a really good research so that you can choose those destinations that are the very best according to what you want to experience. Think about the travel activities that you want to be a part of. Then, find the accommodations that are best-suited based on the budget you have available. 

A really simple thing that will help you to save money when planning a trip to Costa Rica is to book ahead. The longer away you book ahead, the higher the possibility that you will get a really good deal. Although Costa Rica is quite a popular travel destination, the country does rely on tourism to some degree. Because of this, those involved in the industry would rather have guaranteed tourists than a much higher profit. Take advantage of this and look for discounts for practically everything, including airplane tickets. Many do not know this but airplane tickets are cheaper when you book a few weeks ahead of time. 

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