Review: Twisty Petz Collectable Toys

Review: Twisty Petz Collectable Toys

A couple of weeks ago we were sent the new Twisty Petz to try. Twisty Petz are are a new toy from Spinmaster that transform from adorable pets into a beautiful bracelet or accessory. I’d first seen these when I went to the Blog On Conference in May and when I came home with one in my goody bag it was instantly fought over. Whilst they are jewellery and can be technically seen as ‘girls toys’, Jack loved the pet idea and that they could be twisted and undone. When we were sent a few to try we shared them out between the two and Jack was more than happy to have his share.

To create your pet all you do is twist the beads together, and then pull them apart to separate the beads and connect the head and tail to create a beautiful bracelet. If you have more than one you can interlock them to create a bedazzled necklace.

There are 70 Twisty Petz to collect and there are some really pretty ones. In particular we loved Jangles Giraffe, which is Holly’s favourite animal, and is a lovely gold and pink. It is a super rare, so Holly was extra excited.

A single pet can be bought for £4.99, so similar to other collectibles toys, but rather than blind bags children can choose which one they want, making the chances of getting the same one twice a lot less.
There is also a larger three pack of Twisty Petz available for £12.99 in which you get one blind bag pet, so you can always add a bit of surprise by choosing this one.
For an extra special addition, you can also get a four pack of baby Twisty Petz which have teeny versions of the toys which also untwist to make bracelets, and also come with charms to add that bit of sparkle.

Twisty Petz are sweet little toys and are definitely going to be the new collectible for this year, so brace yourself for being begged these cuties every time you go shopping!


*We were sent these FOC however all opinions are my own.

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