Review: Moj Moj

Review: Moj Moj

Holly loves little collectible toys such as Num Noms and Shopkins, however most toy this size seem to be aimed at girls and so Jack has never really been interested. When we were offered to try the new Moj Moj I thought these would be perfect for Jack to try out as they come in animal shapes, are squishy and soft and lots of fun for boys as well as girls.

Moj Moj come in different colour and are all super squishy and very cute. The new series is called “😀” rather than the usual numbering and brings emojis to life! There are over 95 to collect including limited edition, rare and ultra rare to find.

Jack was really excited to try these out, and unfortunately got a little over-eager and opened one packet without me, when his friends were over. That night we discovered exactly how sticky they are as the boys decided to throw them at my ceiling! So do be aware that they probably should be aimed at windows or doors if your kids decide to do the same to avoid greasy marks.
Both children loved playing with these and I have to say even I have had a good squeeze, they’re almost like a stress ball but cute and colourful. I have to say they don’t handle wear and tear the best and after a couple of days were a bit grubby and bits had come off, however they do come clean with a bit of a rinse.
Moj Moj sell for £3.99 and you can get them from Smyths and other toys shops.
*We were sent these FOC however all opinions are my own.

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