Happy 6th Birthday To My Boy!

Happy 6th Birthday To My Boy!

I say it with every year that passes, as I’m sure most parents do (including my mum despite my sister and I being in our thirties), but I can’t believe my boy is six! Whilst the days can sometimes drag by, the years have flown and it only seems like yesterday that we brought our little man home from hospital, with his crinkly old man face, in a car seat first used by his big sister to a lovely welcome from my sister and my mum who had been waiting all day for us.

Now here we are, Jack’s in his second year at primary school; he is reading and writing and always running around like a loon. He does what he needs to at school but can be often found giggling and being silly with his two best mates and they often have to be separated from each other. But he makes the teachers and his fellows classmates smile with his mischievous grin. His long eyelashes are constantly remarked upon and he’s getting a reputation for his floppy blonde hair. He has retained his fearless attitude, still trying to throw himself from windows and getting into the thick of it at his football sessions. The coaches love him as he tackles without worry of injury and bounces back no matter where he gets kicked.

He is easy going, just like his daddy, and always has a smile and cuddle at the ready, especially for his mummy who shares his secret of ‘I love you and you love me, but don’t tell anyone as they will laugh at me.’ Woe betide anyone if he doesn’t like something or want to do something, however, as he is stubborn as a mule when he wants to be and is often being warned for paddying and sulking, a trait he *may* have picked up from his mummy.

He is our little blonde boy who completed our family and brings us many a laugh. He is Playstation obsessed, particularly with Minecraft, he is currently into Pokemon and when he’s not watching Minecraft videos, he will be watching Ash and Pikachu instead. He loves his food, as he has done right from the get-go, however he is having tummy trouble right now so we are trialing a gluten-free diet, much to his dismay.

Today we are celebrating with a small group of friends at a local water park, which he has been excited about for weeks. We will watch him tear open his presents this morning, his face a spectacle of awe about even the smallest present – he has the best reactions. Mummy will photograph every moment whilst daddy plays referee (and possibly swimming coach, if the need arises), and we will all come together to celebrate our little man.

We are so proud to be your mummy and daddy and are excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Birthday Jackie.

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