National Sandwich Week With Num Noms

National Sandwich Week With Num Noms

Did you know it’s National Sandwich Week this week? Honouring one of the most British of foods, this week-long celebration is a fun way to put a bit of life into your sandwiches. With a bit of help from Num Noms, we have been enjoying ourselves in the kitchen, making some tasty sandwiches that honour our favourite characters.

We were sent the Num Noms Dessert Tray to add to the fun, which included 10 scented Num Noms as well as two lip glosses, much to Holly’s delight. We played a fun game of ‘guess which is which’ where I had to pick a Num Nom and guess which is was by the smell, and I have to say they all smelt very tasty!

We decided to theme our sandwiches on the Jam-Jam Filled and Orange Crunch characters, however after a bit of deliberation Holly decided she didn’t fancy an orange sandwich, so we replaced it with banana!

At seven, Holly is quite independent and happy to make her own food, so she loved the chance to not only make, but design her own meal. Once we’d made our sandwiches we cut them into some fun shapes and then of course came the best part – eating them! She is already a fan of jam sandwiches, so they went down a treat, but banana was a whole new experience. She wasn’t sure at first but after a coupe of bites gave it the thumbs up.

We had great fun designing our own sandwiches so a big thanks to Num Noms for giving us the inspiration.

*We received the toys as part of this review however all opinions are my own.

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