Practical Home Decor Tips for Active Families

Practical Home Decor Tips for Active Families

We try to an active family that enjoys spending time outside regardless of the weather. Living like this keeps everyone fit, blows away the cobwebs, and ensures everyone is ready to sleep, at bedtime. However, keeping the dirt and wet outside can be tricky. So can making sure that the whole family has enough warm clothing close at hand. But, with a bit of planning, it is relatively easy to do.

Create a Lobby
In the winter, you need somewhere to keep everyones coats, umbrellas, boots, shoes, and the pram while they dry out. A lobby is an ideal space for this. It should be simply decorated using materials that can easily be wiped down. Gloss walls, tiles on the floor, clean line easy-wipe bullnose baseboards like the kind you can buy from the Skirtings R Us website are the perfect combination.

If you do not have a lobby, you could turn just a corner of your garage or conservatory into this type of space. Building a large cupboard in the corner will enable you to keep things out of sight while it dries. You can leave the doors open so the heat gets to everything and close them once everything has dried out. This enables you to hide the clutter and means that everyones outdoor gear is not scattered throughout the house.

Organised Storage Space for Outdoor Toys
Many outdoor activities require some sort of special equipment. Being able to quickly find the sledge when it snows so you can all get out and enjoy it is important. A basket for small, awkwardly shaped items like balls, somewhere to hang bats and easy to access parking for each bike are just some ways to keep things organised.

It is also worth keeping a beach bag somewhere to hand. You can use it to keep hats, sunglasses, sun cream, a beach throw or blanket and other items all in one place. That way if you wake up to a sunny day you can very quickly pull together everything you need for a day at the beach.

If you want to know how to make the most of your storage space this article is worth reading. The best outdoor toy storage ideas are buried deep within this slideshow style of article, so it is worth taking the time to click through each slide.

Make the Most of Your Garden
If you have a garden it is well worth investing a bit of time and money into turning it into somewhere you like to be. The more attractive it is, the more likely it is that everyone will use it.

Dividing the garden up into physical or virtual areas is an approach that works well. Somewhere cosy for you and your partner to sit and enjoy a glass of wine can be a great spot for a book loving child to enjoy reading. Creating a play area with a trampoline, a goalie net, and a swing is a fantastic way to tempt the kids outside to play more. Installing some form of lighting and maybe a patio heater will also encourage everyone to spend more time outside.

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