Me & Mine February 17

Me & Mine February 17

Hello and welcome to this month’s round up of our family. February has been an up and down month for us all and I think we are all definitely looking forward to Spring and lighter, warmer days. Half term flew by without much upset, the children enjoyed their time off and I appreciated spending time with them. Both are flourishing at school, both academically and socially and Mr H and I enjoyed a quiet Valentine’s exploring a bit of our local area we hadn’t visited before, finishing with a cream tea.


I have really enjoyed my little lady’s company lately, she has been so helpful at home and really polite and happy. Of course, like any six year old she has her moments and does tend to fly off the handle if it involves her little brother but that’s siblings for you! She had her first sleepover at half term which was OK for the most part, though I did get a phone call at 10.30 with her sobbing for me! She settled in the end though, so fortunately I didn’t have to make a late night trip to collect her!

She’s enjoyed making little ‘gifts’ for her friends at school and I keep having to warn parents about the amount of pieces of paper their child may return home with featuring her creations. She just loves to draw so much and is very generous – she gave away some of her pocket money to one girl this week, which I was unaware of until the mum returned it!


This little guy is still flourishing so much at school, and gets such a sense of pride when he achieves something. He is coming along really well with his reading and had his first sleepover over half term, which was a lot more successful than his sister’s! He has got a lovely group of little friends at school and they are so sweet together, if not slightly mischievous!

He has started padding a bit recently, and tends to cry rather than tell me what’s wrong, which is quite frustrating. It’s hard not to give in, and I probably do more than I should, but I try to be firm as much as he can. He also did a runner at school this week and nearly gave me a heart attack. In the end he was actually in the playground where I couldn’t see him but he got a shock himself when he couldn’t find me. I’m not sure how much of a lesson it will teach him though!

This month’s photo is not our usual photo, but still an important one. For all those who are fighting for their lives around us we shared this photo on instagram for World Cancer Day.

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