My Advice To Help You Enrich Your Everyday Life

My Advice To Help You Enrich Your Everyday Life

Do you ever feel like getting off the grid? Closing up shop, packing everything up and just getting away from life? I know I do. I have recently been following the travels of a friend on Instagram who for three months has taken her children out of school and travelled the world with her family. They’ve lived in Barbados, travelled various places in America and are currently on a plantation in Mississippi, and it looks an incredible experience for her and her family. Just watching her travels has made me seriously think about doing something similar. I love our home, our friends and the lives we had, but I do often think about how many other places there are in the world for us to see and experience.

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But of course, these are often pipe dreams – practicality, and of course money, generally puts pay to these ideas and we get our heads down and get on with everyday life. The costs of the actual travel, not mention things you may need such as equipment, from the right visas to small things like gas bottles. But maybe there are a few ways we can bring some of these ideas and experiences into our every day life for just a moment every now and again. Here’s some ideas I’ve had that may help you enrich your every day life.

1. A pretty obvious one – turn it all off. Whatever electrical products you have in your home, switch them off – TVs, phones, computers, even lights. Get back to a simpler time, even just for an hour, and remember what life is like without all these gadgets getting in our way.

2. Be impulsive. Go out of the house with a bag packed for the day and no destination in mind. Drive, catch a plane or jump on a boat and see where the wind takes you.

3. Try something new. The whole idea of getting off the grid is to try an experience you have never done before. Who says you have to go far or spend a ton of money to do this? Try a new hobby, food or visit somewhere local you’ve not gone to before will give you a boost and thrill of the unknown.

4. Watch the sunrise. There’s something pretty magical about being awake before most of the world and just watching the sun peer out from the horizon. Add in a bit of meditation or yoga and you may find a bit of peace in an otherwise hectic life.

5. Try a random act of kindness. Helping someone out, for no reason at all, will give you such a sense of satisfaction and joy it is bound to lift you up. Give someone who’s struggling a hand, donate to someone more in need, send an anonymous gift or post a handwritten note to someone. Whatever you can think of that will help others out without wanting something in return.

Whilst it may not be possible to travel to far destinations or climb the peaks of the highest mountains, it isn’t too difficult to find some peace and time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Is there anything else you do to enrich your every day life?

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