Me & Mine January 17

Me & Mine January 17

2017 has arrived and already we are one month in. Here is our update for January.

January began really well, I finally felt back on track and we had enjoyed Christmas and we had settled into a normal routine. Then daddy had to work away for a week and it all fell apart. Holly was the worst affected by it and became really unsettled. She seems to crave stability and routine a lot more so than Jack and as soon as Mr H left she was in tears, wouldn’t sleep on a night and screamed going into school. I had to start leaving the light on for her at bedtime, and half the time she slept in my bed. It was such extreme behaviour for her and so difficult for me to manage, but we got through it and she was thrilled to welcome him home.

Holly loved the magic of Christmas this year and got really involved in it all. We were a bit perturbed by the odd question of is Santa real – we weren’t ready for them so soon! But we did our best to reassure her and once the big day came there was no question of it at all!

Our little man has throgouhly enjoyed his January. Barely fazed by daddy being away, he has jumped straight back into school with gusto, enjoying half a dozen parties in a few short weeks! He also had his best friend sleep over, which he was so excited for and is already asking for more friends to come and stay. As always, he’s a little mischief and has come home from school a couple of times advising me solemnly he was put on amber light that day, meaning he was a bit naughty. I know his heart is in the right place, but he is so absent minded and in his own world most of the time.

This month’s photo was taken the day Mr H returned from his week away. It’s grainy and we’re all squished in together, but I love it as it captures us all so happy to be back together.

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