2016 The Best Bits

2016 The Best Bits

In previous years I have done a post sharing my top moments of the last twelve months. I love looking back and seeing what was most successful on my blog, so on the eve of the near year, here are my top posts of 2016.

5. A Star Wars Bedroom For My Boy

We absolutely loved putting this post together for the George at Asda competition. Jack was in his element choosing all the bits he’d love to have in his Star Wars bedroom and it was lovely to work together. Of course it was also fantastic to be the winners of the competition too!

4. Living With A Threenager

I was pleasantly surprised how much attention this post got, and it just goes to show how us parents just need to hear a bit of honesty from time to time. Life with a very temperamental three year old was definitely interesting and I really enjoyed writing this post and celebrating all the ups and downs of our little guy.

3. So Your Child Got Into School?

I wrote this post as a bit of advice from one parent to another and what to do once that acceptance letter comes through the door. Starting school is a huge milestone in all our childrens’ live and of course our own, and if you’ve never been through it before sometimes you can be unsure what to do. That’s why I put this post together to share my own experiences.

2. Experience A Magical Christmas With Bents

Our local grand centre, Bents, is well known in the North, especially at Christmas time. Along with some other bloggers, I was invited to a preview of this year’s display, which really got us all in the festive spirit, as it obviously did you too!

1. Things They Don’t Tell You About Having A Boy

Another tongue-in-cheek post that clearly struck a chord with people, I love that this is my most read post of the year! Aren’t boys just glorious?!

So that’s it for 2016! I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and I’ll see you on the other side!

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