Black Friday Family Wishlist

Black Friday Family Wishlist

Over the last couple of years Black Friday has winged it way from America and hit our stores with gusto, to the point that chaos has ensued in some places whilst people fought to get a bargain. I have never really joined in the fray, mainly because the thought of so many crowds fills me with dread, and for some reason I seem to miss all the good deals online. This year, though, I’ve set myself a few reminders and signed up for notifications with the intention of maybe buying a few bits for Christmas, if I see anything that catches my eye.

With that in mind I thought I’d put together a few wishlist ideas of what I’ll be looking out for in the sales this year.

Both my two need new bikes, as they can no longer squeeze onto the ones bought for them two years ago. I’m hoping that there will be some good deals online for these, as currently I’m looking at £100-£120 a bike which is a lot to spend on one present.

Jack has really started becoming interested in Lego at the moment, but the sets are so expensive. I’ve noticed Smyths Toys have already started with a few bits, which includes a Lego Superhero set, so hopefully there will be more out on the day.

Holly has decided she would like the Barbie Hoverboard for her birthday, which is the week before Christmas, so I’m keeping my eye out on the prices for these at the moment. Again, Smyths is the cheapest place right now, but I’m also watching on Amazon and Toys R Us to see if there’s a better price anywhere else.

Like most children, my two grow so fast and seem to fly through clothes, especially Holly. I’d love to buy her some nice UGG’s or Converse so I’m on the lookout for some price drops for these come Black Friday.

John is always happy to have new games for his console for Christmas and with the children getting older it may be time to introduce them to it too, and make it something we could all do together. I’m definitely keeping my eye on Game and Argos to see what deals are to be had.

Of course I had to throw in a little something for me, and I’ve been eyeing up this Michael Kors one for quite some time. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but I’m sure I’m worth it!

Some tips:

Set up Google Alerts for the items you’re interested in, that way you will be instantly alerted when items become available rather than having to trawl through websites time and time again – take a look at this article for advice on how to do this.

Set up notifications for price drops on Amazon on products you want to buy. I use Camel Camel Camel for this, and did the same last year. You can set an ideal price you are looking for for each item, but it will notify you about any price drop as well as tell you how this compares to previous prices for the items. This has saved me a fortune.

Join money saving groups on Facebook for notifications. I am in a fellow blogger’s group and people often share lightning deals on Amazon or vouchers they’ve come across.

Visit Money Savings Expert for tons of tips on how to find deals and the best ones out there. There are Black Friday advice articles on the main site and then tons of advice to be found on the forums.

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