Review: Blaze Monster Dome Playset

Review: Blaze Monster Dome Playset

Jack is a huge fan of Blaze and has been since it originally came onto our screens. In fact for his third birthday I had to order a Blaze car from America as the toys weren’t available in the UK. However, it has been eighteen months since then and there are a whole host of toys on sale from the show, including the Blaze Monster Dome Playset we have recently been trying out. Here are my thoughts on the toy.

1. The playset features two tracks which can be configured a few different ways which gives an extra element of play deciding how to set it up and then trying out each different track.

2. The playset comes with two cars – a Blaze car and a Crusher car. I thought this was great as a lot of playsets only come with one figure which really limits play. Having two included means your child can race each one on the track and actually get the full use of the toy. My only suggestion would here is it would be nice if there was a range of cars you can choose from than just the two as Jack already had these and it would have been nice to expand his collection.

3. The track is really sturdy, made of good quality and thick plastic. Hopefully this means it will withstand lots of play and trampling over, as my two aren’t known for being careful.

4. I like that the track comes with launchers, as Jack has found these a crucial part of setting up a race with his cars. It’s not quite the same pushing the cars off yourself, especially when there is a loop involved!

This Blaze Monster Dome playset retails at £29.99 which I think is a really reasonable price for all that is included, especially considering the cars alone are £10. I would definitely recommend this for a Blaze fan and I think it would make the perfect gift for Christmas.


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*We were sent this toy FOC however all opinions are my own.

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