Review: Puppy In My Pocket Pretty Pet Palace

Review: Puppy In My Pocket Pretty Pet Palace

We recently took part in a Puppy In My Pocket party and as part of that were sent a couple of the playsets, and of course puppies, to try out. The toys were originally released in the 90’s and, like many toys of my youth, they have been re-released to today’s children with much success. We were sent the Pet Palace, Dog Park and a selection of puppies, so I thought I’d give you a quick run down of our thoughts.

1. The Pretty Pet Palace is quite a large set and features a slide, pool, dog beds and a table and chairs. The inside of the castle, where you will find a bedroom and hallway, can be opened and closed, which is great for storing the little toys away and there is also hidden drawer which is a great additional feature as some of the extra pieces are quite small so this gives you somewhere to keep them all. Finally the front door opens flat where you will find two spots where puppies can sit and spin, using the wheel on the edge.

The bedroom

Spin your puppies

2. The slide, as usual, was the most popular feature for my two. It comes with a sled you can put a puppy in and slide it down, which is great fun. Holly loved putting them in the pool and pretending they were floating on the raft.

3. The set comes with two characters so there is already a couple for your children to have a go with, however there are over 100 puppies in the collection so lots can be added to your set to expand play.

4. I felt this set wasn’t as sturdy as some playsets I’ve tried in the past and if you have a heavy handed child you would need to be aware. There are also lots of small parts and accessories so not suitable for younger children.

5. This retails at £29.99 which I think is perhaps on the higher side as there isn’t that many interactive features and it is a bit flimsy. You do get two puppies in this though, as oppose to only one character included in many sets.

Overall I would recommend this set, my two have absolutely adored it, along with the extra figures and additional playset we have – in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some add-on sets make it to Holly’s christmas list.

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