Roco Clothing: Beautiful Children’s Clothes

Roco Clothing: Beautiful Children’s Clothes

When it comes to shopping I’m like many a mum out there – I go for myself and inevitably end up coming out with bags full of childrens’ clothes. There’s just something about those beautiful, bright, soft outfits in tiny sizes that I cannot resist and often wish they did them in my size. My children are probably sick of me now asking them to pose for photo after photo, although the diva in Holly often asks me to take one of her even when I wasn’t planning on. I think I may be creating a monster.

One style we’ve never really tried on is formalwear. We’ve not had occasion for the children to don posh frocks or a little suit and so when Roco Clothing offered to send us some bits to try I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to see them all smartened up.

I opted for the Sienna party dress in purple for Holly and when it arrived I actually gasped. It is absolutely beautiful – a really rich purple, with an organza skirt complete with hoop underneath to hold it’s shape. The bodice is stretchy, so fits easily, and finished off with plenty of glitter and a satin sash. Holly was really excited to try it on and of course we had to do a little photo shoot.

The dress fit beautifully and Holly was delighted with it, twirling around and swishing the fabric as she went. The only thing I was concerned about was the glitter on the bodice as it is all over and can be irritating on the skin, but she didn’t complain. In fact she didn’t want to take it off!

For Jack I did a bit of mix and match and went for all black, with a grey jacket. I chose the Paisley of London grey jacket and again was really impressed with the quality of it. It was lovely and soft fabric, with a bit of a sheen to it and lined in satin, the slim fit really suited him. He wasn’t sure about wearing a shirt, so we matched it with one of his favourite t-shirts and I absolutely love the combination of smart and casual.

I did eventually get him in the shirt and he loved pretending to be daddy going to work.

For a formal event the clothes are really fantastic, and not expensive at all – the dress is £38, jacket £20, shirt £10 and trousers £15. If you have a formal event coming up then definitely have a look at Roco Clothing.

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*We were sent these FOC however all opinions are my own.

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