Getting Kids Into Golf?

Getting Kids Into Golf?

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is as a young person I was quit a keen golfer. My dad had always played and signed myself and my sister up for lessons and I just really enjoyed it. I used to go to the driving range every weekend and often played on the course, although didn’t have the strength to hit it far enough most of the time! As an adult I’ve played once or twice, although without practice I’ve lost a lot of the skill so end up frustrated. However my dad still enjoys the sport as does Mr H, when he gets the chance.

We were invited to an event in Leeds with Online Golf and I thought it would be interesting to take the children along and have a go themselves. They’ve had one of those plastic sets of clubs, which inevitably ends up with the balls been whacked over the fence and the clubs turned on each other, but that’s as far as their experience of the game has gone.

The event was at the Hilton in Leeds and there were three areas set up for the children to have a go – crazy golf, pitching and knocking down some skittles. The children were split into teams and there was a little competition to which team could score the most points.

My two weren’t really interested in the competition, they just wanted to have a go at it all. In particular they seemed to enjoy the crazy golf and it was fun to watch them holding real golf clubs and getting a feel for how ‘proper’ golfers do it. The people from Online Golf were great at helping the kids, showing them the right way to hold the club and how to swing. Of course, mummy couldn’t help but interfere along the way, ever the competitor!

The children had great fun and getting them to play golf at such a young age isn’t really something I’d considered before, but realised that it is an option. Being non-contact it’s a lot safer than other sports, plus it gets them outside in the fresh air and playing with friends as a group.  A big thanks to Online Golf for a great day out and giving us the chance to try something new!

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