Planning A Loft Conversion

Planning A Loft Conversion

At the start of the year Mr H and I made a big decision about our home, and that is that we wanted to extend. For us it was a matter of moving house or adding more space to our current home and once we’d talked to an estate agent we decided we just couldn’t justify moving at this time. Plus we love our home and although the bedrooms aren’t very big and we don’t have a huge amount of space downstairs, it is the first home since being together for thirteen years that we’ve actually felt settled and happy in.

So we made the big decision to extend our mortgage and add a whole new floor to our house. We already knew it had great potential, as the loft space was huge and we had a double height staircase meaning there was enough room for a new one up to the next floor. It took us a while to find the right builder we felt totally happy with, but once we did it was all go.

So, of course, I envisioned it all in my head – where the furniture would go, what colours we would have, the style of the room – and utilised Pinterest and various home decor stores such as Esprit, to collate all my ideas. Now we are a few months down the line and the bedroom is pretty much finished, so I thought I would start the big reveal with the initial ideas I had.

1. The first thing I chose was the colour scheme. After much searching and pulling together ideas I decided for grey and white, with some coral accents. I love this as it is so simple and modern, and I can change the colour as things change in the future.

2 & 3. We knew we wanted a walk-in wardrobe in the new room – living with cramped storage for years where we’ve had to fight to see what is actually in the small space we had, meant this was a main priority for us. I pinned a few ideas for this and in the end decided to leave this room open to the main bedroom rather than separating it off.
4. Mr H found this amazing bed which came in grey fabric and as well as opening up to reveal storage underneath, it has a TV that comes out at the bottom!
5. I really love the retro style of furniture in white and beech with flared legs, however the bed takes up most of the wall space so there is no room for proper bedside drawers. I found these floating bedside tables on Etsy in a similar style so decided to go for them.
6. Continuing this style I found this amazing light on and had to have it. There was 12 week wait on delivery but I didn’t care, it was the one!
7. My mum had an old basket chair she’s had for years but no longer wanted, so with a spray of coral this will be perfect in the new space. I also love these cushions from Zazzle and think they would be a great addition to the styling of the room.
8. I loved these hexagonal shelves when I came across them on Amazon. I knew I wanted some fun shelving to display a few trinkets and colourful pieces and these were ideal.
9. Finally a few little details with this bowl and candle holder from Wayfair and then a garland, as well as some other bits I’ve been sourcing over the weeks to pull it all together.
So there are my plans for our extension, for all of my ideas you can look at my Pinterest board. Come back soon to see how it all went and the finished results!
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