Me & Mine August 16

Me & Mine August 16

Here we are, the summer is gone and we are ready for heading back to school and get into our usual routine. This time it’s my boy’s first day at school and everytime I think about it I get little butterflies in my tummy. It just doesn’t seem time, and yet it so is.

August has been lovely to us and I honestly can’t believe how fast this summer has flown. The children and I wrote a list of all the things we’ve done over the last few weeks and I was surprised how much we’d crammed in. We visited London with my mum and sister, the childrens’ first time in the capital and they were overawed by it all. Mummy and daddy had a mini break all to ourselves, celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary, and then the children went to Wales with daddy for a couple of days to give me a bit of peace and quiet. There’s been lots of firsts – first train, bus and boat, first blackberry picking, first time at golf, first time flying a kite, first summer holidays.


By the end of the term my little lady was certainly ready for a break and she has seemed so much more relaxed over the summer. That’s not to say that her feisty little temper hasn’t come out a time or two and she certainly knows her mind. She’s taken to answering me back over and over which is a little frustrating. On the whole though she’s such a good girl and if I ask her to tidy up or lend hand she’s always eager to help.

She has loved spending so much time at home and I’m anticipating a few tears on the first day back to school. She’s missed her friends a little, but we’ve done so much she hasn’t really had time to miss them too much, and she’s definitely a home bird and loves just being with us.


My little man, who is no longer little as he tells me time and again. He can be a bit of a lazy thing and not quite so keen on tidying up after himself or getting himself dressed, but he’s full of fun and happiness. Watching his last day at nursery when he ran in and was greeted by all his little friends was bittersweet, as I’m excited for him to join his sister at school but these boys have been together for three years now and are so close. I just hope he forms the same kind of friendships at school, although with his laid back attitude and friendly manner I’m sure he will.

It will definitely be interesting to see how he develops at school – at the moment he can just write his name and that’s usually with help, so I’m not sure how academic he will be as he is much more physical. Having said that he loves his stories so may love learning to read and be able to open a book  and enjoy the story whenever he wants.

This month’s photo was taken on bank holiday Sunday before we visited my mum and dad’s. I’m not a huge fan of photos of myself at the moment but it’s still nice to have a photo of all the four of us – and pretty soon Holly will be as tall as me!

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