Children In Colour

Children In Colour

Recently on my Instagram feed I’ve been having a think about what I wanted to share and the feel I wanted to portray. I’ve loved Instagram almost since it began but for me it was more of somewhere I just enjoyed rather than making it anything to do with my blog or to do for followers. More and more, though, I have realised that I put a lot of work into it, I love finding new like-minded people to follow and it is something PR’s now look at when they are considering who to work with. So now I am trying to find a balance between hobby and social media that works for me.

I decided that I have always loved colour – when I was twenty I had a pair of bright pink corduroy flares and I always wore a multitude of brightly coloured eyeshadow. Now I may not dress quite as boldly, but there is always an element of colour in my life, from flowers to home decor. My love of colourful clothing has definitely spread to my childrens’ wardrobes and I can’t resist a bright item of clothing if I see it in the shops.

So with that in mind I have decided to reflect this love of all things bright in my Instagram feed, and I try to share something colourful in almost every post. And of course that is generally of the children and what they are wearing.

There have been a few outfits lately that have definitely fit in with this theme, one of them being these pieces from Polarn O Pyret. Their rainbow striped clothing immediately caught my eye and I chose the t-shirt for Jack and playsuit for Holly. They wore them when we visited Drayton Manor and again in London and they always get commented on how lovely and bright they are. I definitely can’t lose the children in these!

I also adore Little Bird by Jools’ range in Mothercare and couldn’t resist the sea creatures design, with it’s bright colours and quirky print. Again the children have wore these on more than one occasion and got lots of comments. I do love a bit of matching!

This rainbow skirt from Boden has had tons of comments on how gorgeous it is (there’s a sale on at Boden, so hurry!), as has the blue tutu with the pom poms in from Lemonade Bubbles Kids. The only trouble I have with skirts is finding tops to match as holly would rather wear a dress above anything else, but I found a cute body works really well.

If you are looking for some great value but gorgeous pieces to get you through a season then I would definitely recommend H&M. For two years in a row now I have bought several of their £3.99 dresses and for the price they are an amazing bargain. They wash well, there are some lovely prints in the range and being a fan of dresses, Holly loves them.

For Jack it’s all about the t-shirts and he has collected quite a range, particularly superhero themed. This superman tee from Next, complete with detachable cape has to be his all-time favourite and everyone loves watching him run by, cape flying out behind him. I also recently bought a Batman tee from Next which is really nice quality and still brightly coloured.

To add a bit more fun to what can often be plain old t-shirt and trousers looks for a boy I love to play with accessories for him. I found this fab hat at Marks & Spencers and he has worn it to death. I also love braces on him and now he’s a bit older he actually wears them rather than pulling them off in a huff.

I am planning on sharing more on our colourful clothes journey in the future so keep your eyes peeled, but for now I hope you liked hearing a bit more about what the children have been wearing lately.

*Some of these items have been sent FOC however all opinions are my own.

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