Bringing In The Magic with Opening Fairy Doors

Bringing In The Magic with Opening Fairy Doors

The children have always been full of imagination and as their mummy I’ve always tried to encourage and build on it. We believe in many things from Santa to the Easter Bunny and since they were very little fairies have featured in our lives. When they gave up their dummies at three the dummy fairy visited the swapped out their dummies for gifts, leaving a trail of fairy dust behind. Holly loves the Tinkerbell films and also has a fairy-themed bedroom.

So when we were offered a fairy door from Opening Fairy Doors it was the perfect fit for our household. I decided to use it as an impetus for a few magical activities and we’ve had lots of joy recently bringing some magic into our lives.

After our door arrived we made a wish for our fairy and gave her a name. After some deliberation Holly decided on Dewdrop, who is a water fairy and lives in Water Falls. Once we’d decided that we decided to build a fairy garden, something I’ve been meaning to do with the children for a while now. I decided to use an old planter than had seen better days and create the garden within that. After we’d filled it with soil and put in a wall and some steps, we then worked on building a house out of pebbles, before adding some features including tree with tyre swing, teepee with pompom cushion, washing line and a pond. It was a labour of love and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

We were going to add the fairy door to our garden, but it didn’t really work and I also realised that when we left letters in the postbox they would get soaked if it rained, so we decided the door should go outside Holly’s bedroom door where there was a nice bit of space for everything.

Holly loves writing and creating things so she spent lots of time writing little letters to Dewdrop and welcoming her to our house. She left them out one night for her and lo and behold the next day the letters had disappeared and a new one in their place along with a little gift.

I’m really pleased with this door, it’s made of plastic but made to look like wood, and it comes with loads of pieces including the postbox, fence panels and windows as well as little envelopes and letters, stickers and a certificate. At only £15 it’s such a steal and will provide so much magic in the future it’s well worth the money!

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