Having A Ball With Walkers Bugles

Having A Ball With Walkers Bugles

Have you heard about the latest snack to hit the shelves, Bugles? A new corn snack from Walkers, they come in three different flavours and have been a huge hit in our household! We were sent a pack of each of the new flavours to try and have a bit of fun with, so after a busy morning out playing with friends, Holly and I settled down in front of the TV with a brew for me and some Bugle snacks for us both. It wasn’t long before we starting having a bit of a play with the cone shaped treats.

First we tried to build a tower out of them – easier said than done! Holly was definitely more skilled than me at getting them balanced and achieved five high before they fell to the table.

Next Holly decided to get some toys in on the fun, with several Paw Patrol and a Pterodactyl trying the snacks on for size – trumpets, a hat and a torch all worked with these fun treats!

Inevitably though, they all ended up in our tummies, and they were really tasty, and moreish! They reminded me of Wheat Crunchies in their texture and my favourite was definitely the BBQ.

Walkers Bugles are available in all good supermarkets in either a 110g sharing bag at £1.99 or in multipacks of 6 20g bags at £1.50, what fun could you have with them?

*In association with Walkers

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