Me & Mine July 16

Me & Mine July 16

Ok, so I’m about three months overdue with our ‘monthly’ update – I’m just so inconsistent! In my defence the days seem to fly and before I know it another month has been and gone and I’ve missed posting about it. So with that in mind, I’m pinning down July and what we’ve been up to.

It’s been a great month and lots has happened – Jack had his selling in session at school and despite initial reservations he loved it; Holly had her reception graduation and final day of her first year at school. Now that HAS flown. We have visited my in-laws caravan for a few days, taken a trip to Drayton Manor with friends and spent lots of time with our close friends now the summer has arrived (without the sun). Here’s a little update on the children for July:


My little miss has been up and down this last month and I think she was really ready for the summer break and spending some time at home. She really enjoys school and for the most part runs in happily every morning, forgetting to even blow me a kiss, but I’m glad the time has come to turn off the alarms and not rush to get dressed on a morning. Our lady is growing up before our eyes and I love watching her little expressions and mannerisms as she treads that line between five year old, teenager and old lady telling us what to do.

She still adores creating things, whether that be with paper and glue or sticks and leaves. My house is constantly covered in half-finished creations or bits of paper floating about the place. We have recently begun putting together a fairy garden which I plan on being a really special place for her to cultivate her beautiful imagination and I’m looking forward to putting the finishing touches to it.


Our little man, as always a smile is never far from his face, creeping into those sparkling eyes and spreading joy around our house. Whilst he is still the master of destruction and I’m certain he has a death wish (lately he’s enjoyed leaning out of open windows, giving us a heart attack) but I know in the future that adventurous and curious spirit will be the make of him.

He is ready for school in many ways, although I’m not sure I am, but when you asking him about it he’s pretty nonchalant. That’s my boy, easy going and ready to take on whatever comes, just like his daddy.

This month’s photo was taken on a beautiful summer’s eve walk we recently took. I don’t get out on these walks as much as I used to so it is a special moment for me when I do and get to witness my children’s joy at just being outdoors and together.

So that’s our July, what have you been up to?

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