A Star Wars Bedroom For My Boy

A Star Wars Bedroom For My Boy

Jack’s bedroom is one room in the house that I’ll admit, hasn’t had a whole load of attention. Whilst I spent hours planning Holly’s fairy bedroom, personalising and making it perfect, Jack’s bedroom was more of a second thought when we had the time. Whilst it is personal in some respects, it probably isn’t rally him anymore and as the time is coming that he will need a larger bed, the time is also coming that he will need more grown up theme, one that can grow with him.
Like many boys his age, Jack is into superheroes. Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, you name it he loves it. But recently he has taken a love for Star Wars, and in particular Darth Vader. He’s not actually watched the films, as Mr H and and I feel he is too young, but he has watched the Clone Wars animation series and he now owns several figures.

When we were recently challenged by George Home to create the ideal bedroom for my boy for under £400, I wasn’t completely surprised when he said Star Wars. So I took to the website to have a look at what was on offer and was surprised at how many different ranges George now offer in their children’s bedroom range. From mermaids to Paw Patrol, there are full sets right there waiting, meaning you don’t need an interior design degree to give your child a beautiful bedroom. 

Jack’s Design

I decided, however, to have a bit of a go myself at pulling together a bedroom for my son, and with a little help from the Star Wars pieces available at Asda, I think I’ve done it.
Star Wars Boys Bedroom

I like the idea of the room being quite basic colours with just a pop of red. I started off with this Storm Trooper bedding (£22) as when Jack saw it his eyes lit up. From there I picked out the Storm Trooper rug (£14), Darth Vader blanket (£7) and Millennium Falcon light (£6) as some great themed accessories. I then thought the red bean bag (£30) and clock (£6) would pull the red together really well and then found some great storage in this felt box (£6) and storage cube (£179), to make sure all his toys have a home. Of course no Star Wars room would be complete without a light sabre (£15), and where better to put it than hung above the bed?

The total came to a lot less than the £400 budget and I absolutely love the finished result,. and I know Jack would too  I’d definitely suggest you check out the George Kids Home range yourself or search the #GeorgeousRoomChallenge on Twitter for more inspiration. If you’re a blogger you can take part in the challenge too.

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