Defend The Pride With Disney’s The Lion Guard

Defend The Pride With Disney’s The Lion Guard

Last week we took part in a great Twitter party for the new toy range for Disney’s Lion King spin-off show – The Lion Guard. I didn’t even know my two watched this show, but they knew all the characters names so obviously they must have been when I wasn’t looking!

We were sent a lovely box of goodies for my two to try out beforehand, and then lots of games and prizes for the actual party. We visited my friend who has twins and a boy and they all had a great afternoon pinning the tale on Kion, trying to work their way around the maze and generally having fun together.

In the meantime we have been giving the Defend The Pride Lands playset a really good try and my two absolutely love it. We have owned many of these type of sets before, from the Mickey Mouse clubhouse to the Paw Patrol lookout and to me this is one of the best. Here’s my thoughts:

1. It is sturdy, and so holds up well to lots of battering, as well as being tripped over several times as my two aren’t great at clearing up after themselves. In the past these playsets have been made of flimsy plastic and usually one part or another has fallen off or the plastic has warped. I can safely say that won’t happen with this one.

2. It has TONS of interactive features, especially compared with others. There’s a collapsing rock ledge which is activated by pressing a button, and the character then falls into a bone trap. Theres a boulder launcher at the top of a waterfall, which also is also interactive. There is a hidden door at the back of the set, and my children’ favourite part is the pull down vine lift, which retracts when you press a button on the set.

Vine Lift

Bone Trap

3. There is lots of opportunity for role play and using your imagination with this set, because there are so many features, but you can also add to it with the addition of several smaller playsets and characters.

4. I feel the price is really reasonable at £34.99, especially with all the features. I have paid £50+ for playsets before and been sorely disappointed.

5. This set only comes with one character, so to make it more interactive you will need to buy more. The extra characters retail at £9.99, which again I don’t feel it a bad price.

Overall I would happily recommend this set to others and I think my children, who are 4 and 5 and so at the older end of the age range, will get lots of use out of this.

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*We were sent this product FOC however all opinions are my own.

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