Party With The Lion Guard

Party With The Lion Guard

As a child Lion King was one of my favourite Disney films and when I heard they were bringing out a spin-off show I was excited to introduce the new characters to the children. We tend to have Disney Jnr on at breakfast time so I can go get dressed whilst the children eat, and unbeknownst to me the children have been watching it quite a lot.

As the show has been so successful they are now releasing a line of toys, and we have been invited to host a party and give the new range a try. I was surprised to find my two knew the names of all the characters, as I had no idea, and when we unpacked the goodies we were sent they were very excited to play.

You can join us on Twitter on July 6th at 1pm where we will be talking all about the new range and sharing our thoughts on the toys. There will also be chances for you to win your own sets, so make sure you join us using the hashtag #LionGuardToys and following me and UKMumsTV.

See you then!

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