Those Tiny Moments

Those Tiny Moments

In a few short weeks I will be waving my youngest off at the school gates for the first time and will really and truly say goodbye to those tiny baby days. As a mum you envisage these moments, and often wish for time to speed up and get there, but once you do you only want time to stop.

Stop to reflect on those tiny moments of days, months, years ago when your children were but tiny flutters in your tummy and you dreamt of who they would be, what they would look like and how in love you would be. When you unpacked and washed those tiny newborn clothes and hung them up with love and anticipation for when they would be needed.

Stop to remember those early newborn days, when you floated by in a dreamy haze that only having a baby can bring. Days of newborn smells, cries and first giggles. Of when nothing else mattered but you and your family enclosed in a tiny bubble of wonder. 
Stop to look back on when those babies became toddlers and took their first wobbly steps without mummy to cling on to. When everything had to be relocated out of reach of tiny fingers and the dog did a runner whenever crawling giggles approached him at speed.
Stop to breathe the right now. The pre-school, carefree, innocent times before mathematics, friendships and what to wear become commons confrontations. Days where a run through the fields or a swing in the park, hair floating behind them, is all they need to satisfy them. Days when daddy is always right and mummy is all they need to stop their tears.
Those tiny, fleeting moments that one day become the scrapbook of their childhood, and will be the most important memories I cherish. And those are the ones I hope will remain a constant, whilst all those other memories fade. And when my children are grown and flee the nest those memories will be what sustain me, until the next chapter brings more tiny feet into my heart.
So here’s to the next step, let’s hope it’s as good as the last.
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