Why Shop On The High Street?

Why Shop On The High Street?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a a big fan of online shopping. Being a busy mum and also having chronic fatigue, my opportunities to get outdoors and actually shop in a real-life store is limited. However there are definitely set-backs from not being able to try clothes on before you buy them and the amount of clothing I return as it just doesn’t look as good as it does in the photos on my screen ,is probably more than half of what I buy. So every now and again, when I get the chance, I take a step out of my front door and into a store and actually try things on and find what fits. It’s also a chance to have some child-free time and just relax and be with my friends, which as a mum is a real treat.

When I found out about Quidco’s High Street campaign, encouraging people to get out and use their high street stores in order to earn cashback I thought it was a great idea. This campaign allows you to earn money back on your shopping in more than 5300 retailers nationwide, with over 40 different brands. If you don’t have a Quidco account already, head over to the Quidco website, click ‘Join Quidco now’ and follow the instructions and earn £10 bonus cash back when you do.

My favourite stores to shop in have definitely changed over the years, and I have to say this isn’t always an easy thing to accept. My figure has changed considerably after having children and I can no longer squeeze into the skinny-fit clothes I once could. Rather than younger stores such as Miss Selfridge and River Island I now tend to visit stores like Next, New Look and Oasis where there is more of a range of sizes and fits. When I shop now it is in my local town of Wigan as they have a huge range of stores in their new shopping centre, plus I can easily meet my friends for a shop and lunch.

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I’m really looking forward to my next trip to the high street and giving out Quidco’s new High Street app to see what cashback I can earn whilst finding clothes that fit, enjoying child-free time an socialising with my friends. Don’t forget to sign up yourself and start earning rewards whilst you shop!

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