Finding The Bluebells

Finding The Bluebells

For a few years now I’ve looked at other people’s photo with envy, as they visited their local bluebell woods and posed in front of the beautiful blue carpets. I have vowed each year I would find some near us and take my ow photos, but I never have. That is until this year. I heard that Speke Hall had a stunning display, as well as lots of other things to do for the children, so on bank holiday Monday we decided to take a trip. We timed it really well as the sun was out and there was a Tudor event going on with stalls and games for the kids to play, we had a lovely day.

Speke Hall is a Tudor manor house dating back to the sixteenth century. It is located in Speke, near Liverpool and is a National Trust building. As well as the house there are extensive grounds which include two childrens’ play areas, a maze, lawns and the bluebell woods.

I have to say I was really impressed with the organisation, there was plenty of parking space, which was free, and once inside there was so much to do that we didn’t feel on top of all the other visitors. The staff were very friendly and everything was clean and well maintained. The children loved the play areas and the maze in particular was a big hit. They did get a bit bored inside the mansion, but Mr H and I enjoyed having a nosey around and in particular seeing the William Morris wallpapers, which are just beautiful.

Of course, after all my planning to find the bluebells, all three of my lot were a bit reluctant for photos. Mr H was a grump and bad blog husband as he kept telling me off for asking them to pose – how rude! But I did get a few of the children and I definitely recommend Speke Hall if you are local and wanting a lovely day out.

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