Growing Your Youtube Audience

Growing Your Youtube Audience

growing your youtube subscribers

If you’re a member of the Your Youtube Facebook group you will that from time to time we pick a chat and set an hour aside to have a chat about it amongst ourselves. It’s great for those who want to pick up tips from others and for giving you a bit of inspiration to get your vlog on. In the group there’s a huge range of vloggers ranging from people with over 1000 subscribers to some only just starting out, so it was really interesting to get everyone’s perspective on this. Last week’s chat was about growing subscribers, so I asked everyone what they thought could help increase their subscribers and here are the ideas:

Tell people. First of all, let people know you Youtube! Yes it may just be your mum and aunt that watch at first, but word of mouth it crucial for anybody trying to expand and vlogging is no different.

Share on social media. Once you’ve taken the time to film, edit and upload then make sure you share it! Just like you would a blog post, add it to your Facebook page, tweet it out a few times and even let your followers on Instagram know.

Join in collabs. Collaborations, where you join up with another channel to create a video, are a great way to grow. These can be done in person or online using Skype, Google Hangouts or Blab and it means you are opening up yourself to a whole new audience.

A collab with Jenny from Lets Talk Mommy

Run a giveaway. You can either choose to run a giveaway directly on your Youtube channel, by creating a video outlining the prize and entry requirements, or run one on your blog and make subscribing to your channel one of the requirements. Either way you will gain more followers, although do beware they won’t be as loyal or active as those who have chosen to subscribe to you.

Upload regularly. This one takes some dedication and commitment, but those who do it have found it really helps grow their audience. It is best to try and plan your content in advance and have it ready to go on the day or days you decide you will upload each week. This also means your audience can tune in on that day knowing new content will be available for them to watch.

Sian at Helpful Mum uploads twice a week and plans her content in advance

Create trailers for Instagram and Facebook. This is something I am keen to try out as I think a mini trailer is a great way to spark interest and get people to click through to your channel. It does mean a little extra work in the editing process, but nothing too time-consuming.

Embed into blog posts. You have a fantastic blog with a regular readership siting right there, so why not use it! Embedding your videos into blog posts as you write them may mean you will be sharing them with a lot larger audience than if you just left it on YouTube.

Comment on other similar channels. Think of YouTube as a community much like blogging and you will understand how important engagement is. Just like you comment on other blogs, so you should be watching and commenting on other videos similar to yours.

Ask people to subscribe. Make sure somewhere in your video you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. A lot of people will watch and never think to subscribe, so remind them!

Put together a series. This takes a little more work and planning but can be a great way to make sure your audience returns, as they are wanting their next instalment. It could be a food series, a craft series or just a series about something going on in your life right now, but much like a TV series, don’t share everything all at once and you’ll keep people wanting more, and more likely to return.

So there you have, just a few tips you can use to increase your subscribers on YouTube. Do you have any more? I’d love to hear them. And please do join our Facebook group for more chats and friendly vloggers!

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