Me & Mine: March 2016

Me & Mine: March 2016

March has been a pretty steady month, which is good for us as we all seem to get upset when things aren’t routine for us, particularly Jack. We enjoyed daddy’s birthday and Mother’s Day together at the start of the month, did a bit of geocaching with friends and Holly showed off her Easter bonnet at school. Now the Easter holidays are here and our family holiday to Spain just around the corner, which we are all more than ready for.


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Darling girl, you make me smile every single day. Whilst you can have your mood swings, these have been a lot less frequent recently, maybe it’s a sign of you growing up. Although I’m sure we’ll have plenty in future years as you definitely know your mind! You are still into your crafts and your dancing, and decided this month you wanted to put on a dance show for all your family and friends and have been practising every moment. If I hear ‘All About Tonight’ by Pixie Lott (the first song on my iPad and the one you put on) one more time I may go insane!

You are loving being outside now the Spring seems to have finally made an appearance and are always keen to do a little gardening with me. Recently we planted a big window box of Geraniums and I can’t wait to watch them grow, knowing we did those together.


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My boy, what can I say. March has not been an easy month to be your mummy. Whilst I adore you and love you to the core, you have developed the most awful mood swings and tantrums of late. A lot of it is at bedtime and your refusal to sleep, or to go back to sleep through the night. But your new thing is to tell me you won’t be my best friend if I don’t do what you want, which whilst it is very cute and I can’t help but smile, when it comes along with feet stamping and screaming in my face it’s not quite so cute. Daddy and I are doing our best to be consistent and set boundaries, though, and I’m sure you will come out the other side.

On a more positive note, your radiant smile is always just around the corner, along with your adorable dimples. You hate wearing socks and take them off and hand them, usually filthy, to me in delight as soon as you walk in the house. You are coming home from nursery most days with holes in your knees which just demonstrates what a crazy, rough and tumble little boy you are and we love you so much.

This month’s photo was actually taken at the start of the month before we went out for daddy’s birthday meal. We were all dressed in our best and ready to enjoy the company of all our family, it was a lovely day.

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