Getting Outside With Your Kids

Getting Outside With Your Kids

Recently we have been introduced to the fantastic adventure that is geocaching. Whilst many of you may have known about this for years, for us it is a new discovery and one we are absolutely loving.

Basically geocaching is a large-scale treasure hunt – at least that’s what the kids call it – and we use the geocache app to find the hidden containers wherever we are. So far we’ve stuck to our local area, but there is so much more to explore. I thought I’d put together a few reasons why geocaching is so much fun and maybe inspire you to give it a go.

1. It get you and the family outdoors. This is a big one for us as with me having Chronic Fatigue I found myself stuck inside a lot, and this was having an effect on the children as they were less inclined to venture out if I wasn’t. This has reinvigorated their enthusiasm for going out of the front door with the promise of a treasure hunt adventure in store.

2. It gets you exploring new areas. As we find each Geocache we mark it as found on our app, so with every time we go exploring there is somewhere else to visit. In our area alone there are over 40 caches to find within a 2 mile radius so we have quite a few to discover just on our doorstep!

3. You can have fun anywhere. The Geocache app covers many different cities and countries, so wherever you are you can track nearby treasure. Some people have tried it out in London, which sounds great fun, and I intend on giving a go whilst we are in Spain this Easter – I’m looking forward to seeing what the Spanish caches have in them!

4. It teaches teamwork and achievement. We all work together as a family to find the next spot – Holly likes to check the phone and navigate, with a little help from mummy, and daddy and Jack are usually the spotters. It is great fun once the cache is actually found to see what is inside it, put a treasure in ourselves and mark the log to say we’ve been there.

5. It’s fun! A few weeks ago the thought of geaochacing filled me with visions of soaking wet cagoules and getting lost in the middle of nowhere with complaining children. In fact we have all really enjoyed being outside, chatting together and taking in our local area.

So I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to give geocaching a go and to get out there and explore your local area!

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