The Battle To Get Dressed

The Battle To Get Dressed

Miss H has become particularly fussy when it comes to getting dressed of late. I guess I should be grateful that this stage has only arrived when she is nearly five, but it’s driving me up the wall. She refuses to wear anything but dresses and has a total meltdown if I try to get her into one of the many pairs of trousers she has gathering dust in her wardrobe. On top of that she only wants to wear her sparkly pumps, despite it being freezing and chucking it down outside.

Getting ready for school became a nightmare and I’ve resorted to buying her more pinafores in order to relieve the tension it was causing before I’d even had my morning brew. Now we’re working on her not having a meltdown when I don’t do her hair in whatever fancy style she’s seen so-and-so at school has. When we were offered some new pieces to try from Rockin’ Baby and Clarks, I was thrilled to get my little drama queen into something a bit different, and hopefully have something in her wardrobe she didn’t fight with me over.

Because of her dress obsession, I chose this beautiful purple dress from Rockin’ Baby. Made from soft georgette fabric, with a grey flower design and grey edging, it is a lovely piece for dressing up at winter time.

Rockin’ Baby are a fantastic brand who, as well as selling beautiful kids clothes, donate an item to a child in need for every item purchased. With partners in Haiti and Kenya, they have donated over 50,000 slings and raised awareness of baby wearing all over the world. What an amazing thing to do!

Miss H loves the dress. As she has quite long legs, it is a little on the short side so I’m not sure ow long it will last, but paired with tights or leggings, it is warm enough for these colder months and she looks party-ready.

Not only that but she loves to wear it! Result!

When Clarks offered to send us a pair of footwear, I could not resist their berry Brill Fun boots. I loved the colour and they had some sparkle on so I hoped H would be happy to wear them, and she would have practical shoes on her feet for once. For the most part she loves them, although she still drags out the pumps every now and again if the rain has stopped!

The boots are high-tops and have a zip down the side so they are really easy to get on and off, meaning H can do them herself, which is definitely a plus for me. They are sporty but because they’ve got a bit of sparkle they still look great with dresses and skirts, which is a relief!

What I didn’t realise when I ordered these items is how great they look together! Miss H is turning into a right poser though, definitely a blogger’s daughter!

*We were sent these items FOC however all opinions are my own.

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