Twelve Low Energy Play Ideas

Twelve Low Energy Play Ideas

12 low energy play idesas

In the last year I have posted quite a few play ideas on my blog for putting together fun things for your children that don’t take all your time and energy. We all see perfect play set-ups, using the messiest of products and items that take up tons of storage space. However not all of us have the energy to either set up these ideas or clear them away at the end of it all. So here is a round up of some of the play ideas I’ve put together, as well as a few from my beloved Pinterest that have worked for me.

Sticky Art

This was such an easy activity to set up and it kept my two, in particular H, busy for ages. All you need is sticky back plastic and something to stick on it and you’re good to go!

Cardboard Roll Cars

Set up for my car-mad little boy he absolutely loved rolling his car down the chute and collecting them at the end.

Foam Stickers

Roll out some paper, draw some shapes and let your little ones match them up. Great for learning colours and shapes too.

Learning Letters

Another one for my active boy, and a great way to teach your child who isn’t a fan of sitting still.

Foam Rainbow

This one is more of an outdoor play, but so much fun and mess free.
And some more we’ve tried…

Spider Webs
This was a bit of an impromptu set-up that I have yet to write up on the blog – I strung masking tape across a door way and gave my two a bowl of pom poms and let them loose. They spent about half an hour throwing them at the ‘web’ and seeing how many they could get to stick.
Name Hunt
For this activity I ‘hid’ foam letter in some dried rice and pasta. I then wrote my boy’s name on a laminated sheet and stuck it in front of the tray and encouraged him to find the right letters and stick them in place on the sheet. Another fun way to learn if your little one isn’t keen on the traditional methods.
Pom Pom Sorting

I set this up ready for my two when they gt home from nursery – a load of pom poms, different containers and some tweezers.I let them sort in any way they wanted so of course little miss organised sorted them by colour, whilst my boy simply tried to get to grips with the tweezers!
Painting In The Bath

My two absolutely love this and constantly ask for it – mix shaving foam with different food colouring, stick some paper up on the walls and let them at it. Looks messy but simply shower down afterwards.
Colouring With Cars

Another Pinterest find, I taped pens to the back of my boy’s favourite cars and then put paper in our tray and let him push his cars around the tray to create patterns. He loved it!
Rice Funnel

This one was a bit improvised and I think with an actual funnel it would probably be better as the rice kept getting stuck in the bottle. It was great fun to throw the rice down the tube though and watch it spill out of the bottom.
Colour Matching Tubes

I simple taped up some toilet rolls and drew coloured dots on them so my little boy could match the pom poms with the right colour on the tubes. A lovely way of learning colours.
So there are my best low energy play ideas that you can set up for your children with minimal effort and hopefully some quiet time whilst they play! Let me know if you have any more ideas, I’d love to give them a try!

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