Simple Daily Habits To Ignite Your Passion For Blogging

Simple Daily Habits To Ignite Your Passion For Blogging

I have been blogging for getting on for five years now, and in that time my frequency has been pretty hit and miss. From blogging daily around a year ago, I now blog two or three times a week. I have had periods of no blogging and there are often times I sit down to write and the words just do not come.

So today I thought I would put together a few ideas if you are in the same boat as me and not always feeling your blogging mojo. If nothing else I can refer back to these myself when I’m having an off day!

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Blogging Prompts
I have signed up to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge by Sarah at in the hope that this will help me revitalise my creativity, which has often been coming up blank lately. There are lots of different prompts out there, simply run a search on google and you can opt to do one day or one month worth of challenges.

I find Pinterest a fantastic resource when I am feeling at a loss. Not only can you find more blogging prompts there, but also great resources on how to grow your blog, improve it, refresh old content and tons of other ideas to make your blog stand out. You can pin ideas relating to your hobbies, children and whatever you enjoy in order to fill your boots to the brim with tons of creative ideas.

Get Outdoors
It’s so simple but just getting outside, blasting away the cobwebs and filling your lungs with fresh air can invigorate your senses and your mind and often bring some brilliant ideas to the forefront. If nothing else a dose of Vitamin D is good for us all so don’t just stay cooped up inside.

Read a Magazine or Newspaper
If you write an interiors blog, get an interiors magazine; if you’re a parent then something like Gurgle is a great read or maybe you’re more political and current affairs so maybe a copy of The Times would help. There’s bound to be something within the cover that makes you think and maybe answer some questions that come to mind from an article, or maybe you think you could write about a topic better, or you just want a rant. There’s a blog post in there somewhere!

As I would for social media management, Facebook is such a good place to go for blog content. People are sharing things left, right and centre that is relevant and relateable to you and your audience. Just one image could be the start of a whole heap of content that you’d never before considered, and asking questions on your social media is a great way to get conversations flowing and give you great content at the same time.

Make Use of Your Drafts
Don’t wait until you sit down to start thinking about what to write. I’m always thinking of blog ideas in the most random of places, so I tend to write a title or jot some points down in a draft post on blogger and go back to it later. If that’s not possible then just a pad and pen will do, which I can put into blogger when I get chance. Then when I’m struggling I’ve got a ready made list of topics I can revisit and find an idea from.

As always, practice makes perfect and the more you write the more you’ll want to write and the better you will get. If you have nothing in your mind, just write, you may be surprised what comes out.

Good luck with your writing – let me know what you use to inspire you!

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