Home Decor: Updating Our Bedroom

Home Decor: Updating Our Bedroom

For the last few years our bedroom has been a pretty bland box. Apart from a touch of purple in the Next bedding and curtains, the rest of it remained magnolia and cream. Not exactly exciting. Eventually we plan on having fitted wardrobes across one wall to try and make up for the lack of storage space, however in the meantime I wanted to add a few touches that would bring it to life whilst we save up for the full makeover.

The bland, and messy, before

Next bedding with some fun pillowcases

The first thing that I knew I wanted to do was remove the hearts I had hanging on the wall at the end of the bed and change them to a smaller section of wall where they’d have more impact.

This also left a vast expanse of wall I could add a touch of colour to. I decided to opt for wallpaper rather than paint and after looking around I decided a fresh green would work perfectly alongside the mauve we already had. Not too much, as that would look garish, but just a few touches here and there to bring another element to the room.

I found the perfect wallpaper on the Graham and Brown website, the Burlesque Green and Cream,  and when it arrived it was even better in person. With an eastern feel, it also shimmers, reflecting the light and adding a lovely textural element to the room.

image from Graham & Brown website

Once I’d had the wallpaper applied, which went up no problem at all, it was time to add some extra pieces. I decided on a floating shelf above our bed, as we have nowhere to display things, and Mr H had previously bought me this rustic heart from Tesco where I can display little trinkets (trinkets are in the works).

I replaced my tired purple vases with an earthernware slice vase from Wayfair, as well as a votive candle holder to hold a gorgeous spa-scented candle, which came in a rather garish blue pot. Now it fits in beautifully with the rest of the room. I also bought a little green photo frame with diamantes around the edge, which now needs the perfect photo added.

I adore postcards and motifs and could finally display a couple I’d been given a while ago. I also added a new gold print that I adore from Charm and Gumption. Finally my old teddy joined in, completing the Shelfie!

For the bed I added three cushions, again from Wayfair. I’m not entirely sure they go together too well, but I wanted something a bit fun in the room. I love the Motown cushion and I also went for the simple watering can as well as the owls to tie in the purple. These may or may not stay, I’m undecided, but they’re here for now.

Overall I’m pleased with the extra touches and the room feels a lot warmer and homely than it did before. Until the time comes to make some really big changes, I’m pleased with these small additions.

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*This post is in association with Wayfair and Graham & Brown.

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